Perpetual Motion Magnets

By: Danny Fisher

The thought of !b>Perpetual Motion Magnets to make perpetual motion has endured study for a long time. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton experimented with perpetual motion magnets as a potential free energy supply, their exploits got close to success but the concluding step eluded them both. With the advancements of modern engineering there has been some amazing developments in this research, not necessarily perpetual motion but in the efficiency of producing and delivering electrical energy into a household utilizing magnets.
Bruce De Palma a scientist analyzing the superabundant free energies in the universe system took on the challenge to construct a device that applied magnets to generate perpetual motion, he accomplished a fully functioning protype that he named the perpetual motion magnets N-Machine. De Palma discovered that mounting standard magnets on a pendulum type shaft placed correctly around a coil system would maintain a cyclical disc in a state of high RPM, hence growing five units of output power to one unit of input power. Heavily scrutinized by the Scientific Community as being a fraud, De Palma provided all of his notes and detailed designs to various science groups to replicate. Of the 6 unaffiliated perpetual motion magnets machines built none could meet the output of De Palma but each got a ratio of no lower than one power unit in to two power units outflow, demonstrating the hypothesis but not the results.
The perpetual motion magnets machine was small and low-cost enough so that it was reachable to get by any household owner. This represented bad tidings for Electrical Corporation that had invested billions in Hydro Electrical Dams and Steam Power, a view mutual shared by the Fossil Fuel Giants who were providing the energy to the Electrical Manufacturers. We are living in a time where Giant Business command every thing we do, to maintain this dominance over our common day life International monopolies are created. On that point there are less than 20 Corporatation that command greater than seventy percent of the entire energy resources, and approximately the corresponding number internationally that command the financial, brokerage, insurance policy and consumer goods provision chain. The N-Machine utilizing perpetual motion magnets to generate an alternative household electrical energy resource system is a upfront menace to this control over the common people.
De Palma sought to present his perpetual motion magnets machine into the commercial marketplace in North America, but met hard resistance from the many Finance and Research Institutions he went to. Nearly all of these organisations where in reality fronts for Government Agentcies or Big Business, as a outcome De Palma was afterwards told to overlook the venture. As De Palma went looking for future funders a drive was set in motion by a few in the Scientific Community to discredit the principle of the perpetual motion magnet manchine and by association the inventor De Palma, shortly afterward financial support began to dry up on his previous research studies; to enable to continue his life work of research he moved to Australia to get research support, he later on retired in New Zealand.
De Palma expired in 1997 after giving his Patient Rights to an Australian citizen who envisioned and produced a modern day perpetual motion magnets machine called MagiWorks, Patent Rights where granted in 1998. In 20 years there had been some crucial changes, with the growth of the Cyberspace and Government Activities more focused on raging states of war in the Middle East; opportunity unfolded more all-around to gain access to the overall populace without becoming high profile or noticed by particular groups. The Net supplied the way for the ordinary individual to get the drawing for the perpetual motion magnets device and hence making it a lot more difficult for special interest groups to suppress the concept. During this period the Australian Authorities was more interest in the regional financial crisis of 1998, their pursuit laid in tough budgets and securing the economy, not in dogging after some bozo with a fresh invention; however at least one other Government did propose the thought to shutting down MagiWorks, which were for the most part overlooked by the Australian Regime.
De Palma sacrificed his lifetime study towards conquering natural energy, the perpetual motion magnets machine comprised only 1 component part of his numerous scientific studies. Fresh designs are produced every day, numerous are crazy and numerous are first-class, merely five percent or fewer in reality get into the market, it is moderately easy to terminate a new product from coming in into the marketplace if the want and financial force exists to stop it.
There have been many undertakings to fold up the Magiworks internet site, however these have failed, now there are existing close to ten thousand or more of the perpetual motion magnets MagiWorks device silently operational in homes and small businesses globally. Additional data on the story and evolution narrative of these astonishing perpetual motion magnets machines by De Palma can be found at the link in the resource box or in this article.

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The rationale of the advanced Perpetual Motion Magnets of today stems from De Palma N-Machine built in 1977. Detailed chronicle of the N-Machine can be obtained at the above-named data link and the development of Perpetual Motion Magnets since that time.

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