Permanent And Natural Cure For Frigidity In Women

By: Gordon R Santo

The condition where the woman fails to get a climax is referred to as frigidity and the problem of women frigidity is studied through social, physical, emotional and spiritual angles. In general, the problem of frigidity in women is believed to be a psychological problem. Many women are not aware of the ways of enjoyment in love with a partner. Research is still being done in this field and physical causes have already been discovered but psychological causes are not very clear. Sometimes, women stay away from lovemaking because they do not want to get pregnant and it can be prevented by taking contraceptives or birth control pills. With some basic changes in attitude towards partner, relationship, method and medications etc. one can improve conjugal relationship. Alternatively, herbal cures provide permanent and natural cure for frigidity in women which includes cure for physical and emotional disabilities and discomforts.

To get permanent and natural cure for frigidity in women one should first identify the problem. Ayurveda believes the process of lovemaking is important for reproduction; women should have the desire and should feel satisfied after taking part in it. The cure for women frigidity in ayurveda involves taking pills and creams that can reduce physical and emotional hindrances in getting satisfaction. The cure improves the condition where the woman suffers from a complete lack of stimulation or passion, lack of lubrication, absence of desire, feel uninterested in lovemaking.

Sometimes, injuries or poor support of partner can make women stay away from it. In the 20th century U.S. psychiatry was in developing phase and it involved the discussion about female preferences and discomfort in lovemaking. Psychologists then believed that the depreciation of female identity during the industrial era which involved a change from rearing, cooking, childbearing and homemaking to earning for a living can be a major reason for loss of desire. Women today have to take care of self, outside the home and she remains in control all the time, and this continues even when she is with her partner. She is hesitant to open up and fails to relax in love relationships.

The power of love is in relationships and human development. Some of the deepest unions involve physical union and it can be attained through physical love. Women who are emotionally not feeling secure with a male company may not enjoy it. Also, if they are working as protector, they may feel the burden and have a negative feeling towards physical love.

A lack of physical energy or emotional energy can cause disinterest, and it can be cured by taking nutrition, changing lifestyle and attitude. Permanent and natural cure for frigidity in women involves both physical and psychological treatment. The cure offered by herbal pill Kamni capsule involves improvement in blood circulation to brain and various body parts to improve the functioning of reproductive organs and get better response on stimulation. Women taking Kamni capsule regularly for three to four months can see amazing improvement in the level of sensation and enjoyment in physical love with partner.

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