Perfect Your Golf Swing With These Four Tips

By: Zion Keith

In golf there are few things more important than your swing. This is what will get you off to a good start and put you near the hole so that you can finish off, and this is what will help you to gain the big advantages over your opponent.

However a golf swing, as any player knows, is also something that can take an age to perfect and that doesn't come easily. This is a work in progress that will never be complete, and even the most adept golfer in the world would probably admit to having an imperfect swing.

And while the best way to improve and to enhance the power and accuracy with which you hit the ball is to practice, you can also learn simply through reading and acquiring the right knowledge. The right advice, the right tips and the right attitudes all of these can act as the chisels you use to calve your master piece - the perfect swing. Read on for four quick tips that will greatly help you to improve.

Use a Mental Checklist

There are an awful lot of things to remember in golf - the position of your feet and the distance between them, the way you are facing, and the way you are gripping the club. This is a lot to remember and it's easy to forget everything when in the heat of a golf show down. To help you remember then, take a moment out and go through a checklist from your feet to your head. Make sure that everything along the way is in check, from your feet, to your grip to your eyes.

Train Your Obliques

In golf you use a range of muscles together in conjunction, and training these in the gym can help you to improve your strength, control and aim. The obliques are one important area not to forget as they are responsible for the torque you generate in your hips and waist. Train these with twisting sit ups.

Use Visualization

Visualization can help a great deal in a number of sports and in a number of ways. When you hit the ball, visualize it sailing through the air on a perfect trajectory and dropping in the whole - your brain will then try to make this happen. Likewise if you want to practice your swing but you don't have room wherever you are, try simply running through the motion in your mind's eye. As you do this, the very same neural connections will fire in your brain as though you were actually performing the motion and as such you'll find you can develop better technique without a club in sight.

Continue the Swing

You are not swinging to hit the ball. Rather you are swinging to draw a perfect arc through the air, so practice thinking like that and make sure you don't 'stop' at the ball. By swinging 'through' you'll be swinging with more power and the movement as a whole will be much smoother.

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