Perfect 40th Birthday Gift

By: Thomas H. Lindblom

Turning 40 is usually a big occasion for most people. Many of us fear getting older, and as this day approaches with the onset of middle age upon us, we begin having feelings of anxiety as a result. All this leads to making the decision of what to buy as a 40th birthday gift, particularly difficult and sensitive. Below are some tips for buying gifts for that difficult 40th birthday.
People born in the late 60s or early 70s will often have many fond memories of the culture and styles which influenced their lives growing up. If you are not yourself a child of that period try and do some reading or search online to find ideas before making your purchase - also try and ensure you don't get them something which they already may have.
Humorous Gifts
If the person in question is a relative or a very close friend, and you know they will see the funny side then a gift that makes fun of their age can work quite well - try and make it personal too.
Gifts to Remember
It can be very exciting to give the person in question a gift that they will not soon forget... a drive in an unaffordable sports car or a tandem parachuting jump or even a ride in a hot air balloon may be the way to go.
Practical Gifts
Display cabinets and shelves are often filled with memorable birthday gifts. It is a way for people to bring back happy memories for many years to come - gifts such as an antique clock or an abstract sculpture will add a flare to any room. Match the taste to the person - an ornate tea or coffee set will make a practical gift as well as be visually pleasing.
Historical Gifts
A very personal gift is to track down a copy of a newspaper or magazine from the day of their birth - buy a beautiful frame and voila, the perfect gift is your to give.
Anyone for Drinks?
If alcohol is the gift you are after, then don't go down to your local supermarket - a nicely presented single malt scotch or vintage wine is more the way to go; couple it with a nice set of glasses and you may well get to enjoy the present with your friend...
Making a choice of a gift to give a friend on the day they turn 40 should not be arduous - enjoy the experience and try to put some thought into to it so it will be long remembered.

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