Perception Is Reality…How Can It Influence Your Network Marketing Business.

By: Carina

I was checking my e-mails and one with the title "Science Proves "Faking It" Works?" grabbed my attention. I went to the link and read the posting. It was about a socio-psychological experiment in Washington DC, which proves that appearance is everything...

!a href="" target=new>READ THE POST HERE: I loved this story shared by Adrian Armstrong, and I am sure you will too.

Marketing knows that, and this is exactly what makes something more valuable than other thing. Just imagine, we drink cola drinks and love them. If you think about it, cola drinks are the exact opposite of the most precious and healthy liquid of all, pure water. So what has decided that cola drinks and pops in general are worth our money? Well you're right, positioning. When we see a commercial, we don't see and compare the darkness of the soda with the water or the health issues that the former could cause. What the commercials show is how fun is to drink this pop, how you can enjoy it with your friends, how you can be forever young, or whatever campaign they are using.

This phenomenon also happens in our culture, in what we perceive, pleasing, fancy or cool, as you could see in the posting above.

Network marketing is not excepted of all of this, it is just sales and what we are promoting is ourselves.

Follow the same line; it is well known that in network marketing people follow people. They don’t want juts anybody, they are looking for somebody that can actually show them how to profit from their business opportunity.

These points are the reason why a lot of network marketers make some of these gigantic mistakes:

Fake it until you make it: They believe they have to create a pose, and lie about their reality, about how well they are doing financially , and the success they had achieved.

Information overload: They know that to be dishonest is not an option so they study every single course and e-book and get flooded in this huge cyber desk full of e-courses, webinars, e-books, and guru’s strategies.

This has two incredible downsides: it costs a lot of money, but even more importantly, it costs a lot of time.

Paralyzed: People get so overwhelmed, they don't know where to start so they freeze, they don't take action.

Here are some easy steps to look to others as a leader in your industry

Specialize. Learn one strategy, put it into practice it, get results and show them.

Share valuable information with your readers.

" Keep your audience informed about timely information
" Gain content ideas to engage your audience with
" Share your experiences
" Give more free content than affiliation or paid content

Study the leaders of your industry, connect with them to grow your credibility.

Perception works hand in hand with network marketing. By associating yourself with other leaders, you are perceived as a leader. As in the link above, one of the best musicians in the whole planet was perceived as a street act because of OUR perception of where he was performing. We assumed he was some guy trying only to make a few dollars.

If you want to be recognized as a leader, you must follow the leaders of your industry. Begin interacting with them, listen to them and be seen as a leader.

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