People make use of chemical -Based Mosquito Repellents

By: mahjabi kauser

People make use of chemical -Based Mosquito Repellents
Around the world, to get complete protection from mosquito bites, millions of people make use of chemical-based mosquito repellents. But the most common insect repellents and bug sprays used in numerous homes may be poisonous and are able to produce health problems in people especially for the children. To the chemicals in the environment, individuals have different tolerances. In the case of insect repellents, children are the most vulnerable group. With the exposure to chemicals, young children are susceptible to change in their brain chemistry. Together with the destruction of ecological balance of the nature, they pose many adverse effects to the life of pets. It can gravely harm your domestic animals, fishes and even plants, even if the chemical ingredients present in these chemical-based mosquito repellents can effectively kill the mosquitoes in your home and locality. This is because of the fact that the skin of children tends to absorbs more chemicals. In addition, this can harshly effect in impaired growth; and affect the development of the nervous system.
DEET is a registered chemical ingredient that forms the active component of every chemical-based mosquito repellents. Permithrin is another chemical that when combined with DEET can cause chronic memory dysfunction and motor deficits. Chemical repellents that include DEET when applied on the topical areas easily penetrate into the skin to our blood stream and cause adverse health hazards on our central nervous system. Some DEET repellents also hold toxic chemical substances like isopropyl alcohol and ethyl that are highly harmful for children. DEET is also easily absorbed by the human’s gut to cause further more health hazards.
Constant and heavy exposure to chemical repellents can also cause constant fatigue, muscle and joint pain, breathlessness, generalized physical weakness, memory loss and persistent headaches. Prolonged skin exposure to these chemicals produce skin allergies, redness, eye irritations, skin discoloration and inflammation. People normally develop tremors and shortness of breath when overexposed to the strong chemicals in these repellents. Some chemicals are even known to bring about genetic damage to animals along with the enumerable toxic issues that have been listed in human. There are lots of botanical and available in the market today that are effective in warding off mosquitoes devoid of causing any health dangers. Other than going for harmful chemical-based mosquito repellents, you can try out some natural repellents prepared with essential oils like citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, etc.

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