Pedroia - The 40 Million Boston Red Sox Asset

By: John Sern

Long-term security is definitely not something you would expect being offered, especially in the MLB, where it is an absolute chaos when it comes to judging players by their performance. With this being said, you would find one player making a difference big time - Dusting Pedroia!

In all of two seasons, Pedroia has impressed the Boston Red Sox management that the Boston Red Sox have already offered him the golden handshake. The only difference here is that Pedroia is offered the handshake by the Boston Red Sox and also asked him to stay with them. How is that for a deal?

On Wednesday, the Boston Red Sox and Pedroia reached a deal that is sure to set enough tongues wagging. Sample this for a deal - Six years of stay with the Boston Red Sox for a total contract value of $40.5 Million. Add this to the fact that the deal has an add-on of $11 Million for a seventh year stay? A total deal value of about $50 Million and a security of 7 years, irrespective of performance! How is that for security?

Boston Red Sox seem to be absolutely thrilled at this investment. Clearly, they are looking at it from only one angle - If a player can impress in his first two seasons at the MLB, and that in a competitive arena, he surely has something in him. Investing in him for a long term would thus not seem to be a bad strategy after all. The only catch though is - What if the player fails to meet the expectations for some time in a row?

This seems to be one voice of the critics of this decision of Boston Red Sox. Clearly, they seem to be non-plussed about the fact that the management of Boston Red Sox can predict a player's performance over the next some years. What if the player suffers from injury during this time? What if the player's performance dips with time? These questions definitely would have been uncomfortable ones for Boston Red Sox management to answer them!

But I guess all the thinking would have gone back to the drawing room when the management of Boston Red Sox would take off the score sheets and read them. Clearly they could not afford their MVP to move anywhere else in any state. In such a backdrop, you would find the decision of Boston Red Sox vindicated.

And well, as we prepare for another season of MLB, everyone is closely watching the Boston Red Sox games with great interest. People want to know if the deal has created some kind of distraction in Pedroia. Is he as equal minded as before? Will he be able to roll on match winning performances time and again?

For now, these questions seem to be unanswered but one thing is for sure. You cannot rule out 100% effort and perspiration into Pedroia's efforts.

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