Peaberry Kona Coffee - The Rarest and Highest Grade of Kona Coffee

By: Zachary Brandon

Kona coffee has five primary grades that are all known around the world. Regardless of its grade, each Kona coffee grade is superior and distinct when compared to other kinds of coffee. The Peaberry Kona coffee is the highest grade of coffee and also known as the best gourmet coffee. However this type of coffee is limited since the beans are from coffee cherries with only a single bean instead of two. Only 5% of cherries from every harvest has one bean per fruit that produces this rare but delicious coffee.

Peaberry Kona Coffee Grades
Peaberry Kona coffee grade is divided into two; the peaberry number one and the peaberry prime. In general, Peaberry number one are made up of bigger and denser beans and produces a different cup of coffee because the whole beans have a lower acid content compared to other coffees. On the other hand, the peaberry prime grade contains beans which are smaller in sizes, less dense and has minimum defects. Whichever grade a person chooses depends on his taste.

Both coffee grades come from one single coffee cherry, however the difference is in the weight and size of the bean. Each bean undergoes a grading system where the beans are passed through a series of sieves with different sizes, this process separate the bigger beans from the smaller ones. After which, moisture content is measured, also the weight and defects of the beans. Even though peaberry prime has smaller beans come prefer the grade because of its unique taste and color.

Because of Peaberry coffee's rarity, this certain coffee grade has high demands. Many coffee enthusiasts prefer the peaberry as compared to other kona coffee grades because the taste is fuller yet has less acidity, also it is said to have a more intense flavor and aroma compared to other coffee grades Most of the time, the supply of the peaberry is lacking even though the price is steep. This only proves that the peaberry grade is indeed one of a kind as nature made it so.

Peaberry Roasting
Peaberry Kona coffee can be available in light roast, medium roast, full roast and dark roast. Each are different from the other but produces one of the best coffees in the world. The light roasts are only roasted for a few minutes until the first crack happen. This kind of coffee roast produces a cup of coffee with higher acidity and it is bitterer compared to medium roast which produces sweeter mixtures. Medium roast is said to have a balanced acidity and aroma that is so good for peaberry coffee.

Full roast on the other hand are roasted till the second crack, the beans are roasted a few more minutes until the beans are caramelized thereby producing a darker and stronger coffee. Also the roasted flavor is distinct. The dark roasts on the other hand, are roasted until the beans are smoking. This produces a smoky sweet, darker and more intense coffee. Also the roast flavor is more dominant than the flavor of the coffee beans.

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