Patio Furniture - Materials Review

By: Gen Wright

Patio furniture can be made from many different materials, and some will be more ideal than others. For example, you can find furniture that is made from iron, wood, rattan, or plastic. Of these, rattan stands out. That is because rattan is a very tough material that can withstand the beatings of the outdoor environment. And you want your patio furniture to be comfortable, nice looking, as well as durable.

Traditionally, the rattan furniture is dominated by beige and yellowish colors. These are the natural colors of the various rattan materials such as banana tree, water hyacinth, sea grass, wicker, and rattan peel. The banana tree materials is black in color by nature, but after processing, it becomes yellowish brown. If furniture designers want to achieve a totally different look, colors need to be applied to the furniture. As that may dull the natural beauty of the materials, designers often prefer not to add any coloring.

A unique color has been taking the rattan industry by storm. That is furniture that comes in kooboo grey. This color is so unique that furniture sets have been flying off the shelves. Customers find the color refreshing, and easy to blend in with any design. The grey is synthetic paint that is added to the surface. Rather, the rattan is soaked in mud for a period of time to achieve the natural looking grey. In fact, this is the only known way to apply colors on rattan cane without damaging its natural appearance.

In general, there are two types of materials that you will find in the marketplace - cane and banana tree. Both are processed differently, and the end result is also different. For instance, furniture made from banana tree materials uses lots braiding and weaving. It is a combination of these skills that produce the furniture. That means if you look closer at the furniture, you will be able to see distinct patterns on each individual strands (from the braiding).

As for cane, they become long sticks after processing. These sticks, when they are still flexible (due to heating), are bent around solid frames to produce the furniture. The furniture pieces look much simpler without the complex braiding patterns.

For both types of materials, they are used as the need arises. For example, since braiding strands are highly flexible and are of smaller cuts, they are often used to create smaller furniture pieces such as small dining chairs. Larger and stronger materials are used to create larger furniture sets such as sofa sets of dining tables.

Finally, you may come across an interesting material known as the seagrass. Seagrass is produced from wild weed. It's natural color is a light green. This is the ideal color for outdoor furniture as the light green will surely blend with the surroundings. All that needs to be done with this material is to dry it before production. After drying, the seagrass will still retain its original light green color. This material may look frail at first glance but it is actually a very strong material! It is most commonly found on dining chairs.

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