By: Ken Keis

"Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things."
-- Denis Diderot (1713 - 1784), French author, encyclopedist, & philosopher


This past week I had an opportunity to address a group of about 75 people in a small town hall meeting. The topic was "I Just Want To Dance!" The premise is that we have been created to live rich full lives, unfortunately too many people have allowed the life to be sucked out of them due to a variety of circumstances. They are living lives of sub-existence. Whether it has been a business failure, a family failure, or a personal failure, they have simply given up. They have been designed to do so much more, but they are slowly dying by degrees of resignation.

Three hours later we were standing in the potential new business home of friends of ours. This couple has had to close their business in another town due to an economic down turn. They are now facing a choice: the opportunity to start fresh in a great new location or for the husband to go and get a job.

As I listened to them I could not help but pick up on two things. The first was that the husband was passionate about what he does and the excitement of this new opportunity. You could see the deep longing and desire within him to have this fresh start and to begin a fresh. He oozed passion. He spoke passion. His conversation was hot with possibilities. He didnít see himself just as some cog in a wheel going about the motions. He saw the creative possibilities of starting over and all the things that he had learned in their last location. He would have started production yesterday if the equipment had been there.

On the other hand his wife could only think about all the things that could go wrong in the move. The passion was gone. All she saw was the hard work of starting over. The desire was gone. The passion was no longer there. All she could think of was of all the things that wouldnít work. She couched the terms in "just being realistic."

I shared with them, what I shared with the group of 75, it was a story about a man who had been a cripple all of his life. One day he was sitting outside the entrance to an exclusive business club looking for a handout. Deep down he had resigned to the fact that once a cripple he would always be a cripple. He would never be able to run a race, he would never be able to be in his own business, he would always be dependent upon other people and the government for handouts.

While sitting there a local CEO and his partner arrived on the scene. The initial response of the crippled man was to ask for a handout -- he was so discouraged that he couldnít even look these men in the eye. However, these men sensed something deeper. They knew deep down that just throwing a few dollars at this person was not what he needed.

Instead of giving him a handout they challenged him to the very core of his being as to what he believed was possible. This could have been very embarrassing to the cripple. He could have made all sorts of nasty comments to these men. Instead something happened to that cripple. Call it a miracle, call it mind over matter, call it what you may, inside this man there was stirred an awakening of faith in what he could do -- in what he could be. With shaking limbs he started to stand, then slowly started walking, and within in a short time was running, jumping, laughing, crying. His deep passion, his deep desire was now being lived out.

Where are you today on the passion scale? Are you letting your circumstances get you down? Do you think that you will always be in the rut you find yourself in? I want to encourage you as you continue to grow your business, to look deep inside of yourself and take that large scoop of faith that reminds you that nothing is impossible for you. Stop seeing all the reasons why things canít work, and start thinking of ways for it to work and you will be surprised -- before long you will be back on the dance floor of life, living your life to its fullest. Re-ignite that passion that once burned so bright.

Keep Leading the Way.

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