Pass a Drug Test – What Drug Users May Resort To

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A lot of you may be looking for answers on how to pass a drug test for several reasons that may or may not be personal to you. There are several ways by which you can pass this test and people use a lot of not so favorable methods to pass the tests. Read further to find out what measures drug users may use to pass tests like these. On the one hand some methods are not favorable while there are other products that you can use to pass the tests.

Here are the top five methods by which drug users may try to trick passing a test:

1. Abstinence: If you know that you have a drug test to deal with in the near future the best way to pass a drug test would be to abstain from using the drug toll the time you appear for the test. The internet is a very good source of telling you how much time the toxicity of a certain drug remains on your body after you use a drug. Once you know how much time the effect will remain on your body. A urine test will help determine whether or not you have been using drugs and if you can follow abstinence you may be able to pass the test.

2. Flushing: It may help if you can flush your system down with other liquid because that may wash out the drug and also reduce your chances of testing positive for drugs. However, you may also like to know that once you flush your urine appears rather colorless which could arouse suspicion. You may like to take vitamin B that helps in giving the urine a little color and may appear normal again. You could drink coffee, black tea or even caffeinated cola that could help you flush your system.

3. Masking: If you want to pass a drug test you may seek masking as a strategy to pass it. This is done with the help of completely legal substance that helps hide the presence of drugs metabolites in your urine. This will in turn help you when you are drug testing. There are antacids that can help you mask your drug metabolites.

4. Dilute: This strategy for drug testing includes adding water into the sample of urine that is provided for testing. This in turn dilutes the drug metabolites that may otherwise be a concentrated portion in the urine sample. However, you must remember that this means tampering with the sample and it may get you into trouble. A lot of things are done to prevent the sample that may be provided for urine test but recording the temperature of the sample or by adding blue dye. Again, not all drug tests are so strictly monitored.

5. Adulterating: Drug testing can actually be adulterated by adding substance to the provided sample that in fact makes the test void. A lot of people have used salt, bleach, soap to dilute the urine sample so that they can pass a drug test.

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