Pasadena City College's Orchestra Performs Danny the Dragon Music

By: Robert Thomson

This month, the Pasadena City College's Orchestra will be performing the theme song from the Danny the Dragon DREAMS CD on October 30, 2009 at their annual concert. The theme song is part of a collection of works related to "Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy", a new children's book written by Tina Turbin (

Tina Turbin, the author of Danny the Dragon was recently informed of the selection of her book and music as part of this yearly event. Her response was that she was more than surprised and will be flying in to Los Angeles to attend the concert after her Book Tour ends in mid-October. "I’m so pleased that they have chosen this particular song to play at the concert," said Tina.

The DREAMS CD contains the Danny the Dragon story followed by 10 original, classical songs composed by up-and-coming artists. The theme song was composed by Jason Turbin ( as a surprise gift to his mother, Tina Turbin. Jason was so impressed after reading her book that it inspired him to write an orchestral piece. Jason told us that the work itself was full of great lessons without any of the preaching that he has found in other children's books and without the slapstick comedy as well. The book teaches by the character's examples and that is something that kids can use in their daily lives. "It's a dream come true," said Tina, "to unite with her son through individual talents in the Arts." Jason, just 27 years old, plays 26 instruments and teaches and writes music in Toluca Lake, California.

Tina goes on to say that she is donating the profits of the CD to Columbia University and the Celiac Disease Center. Dr. Peter Green of the University is nearly a one-man show in his research quest. Tina states that celiac disease is the only auto-immune disease without government funding, and this is just not ethical. She is helping to forward this research and works towards more awareness on this subject.

Along with playing the theme and other music at the event, the book will be read on stage by a character from Sesame Street. Look for the Count to bring in some warmth and style to the show.

The conductor of the orchestra, Jo Stoup, informed me that once a year she and her orchestra put on a large concert for all families and all ages. This year they are bringing the characters in selected tunes to life for a one-hour concert to help families enjoy the night with classical music in costume. It is all in fun and yet also has class, says Jo. All children in costumes will be admitted free and there will be a costume competition for the kids. The address of the event is 150 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91106.

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