Party Perfect

By: Sarah Carlye

You received an invitation to attend a party; you know it is going to be a special event especially if a party planning service, like Paramarx in New York City, plans the event. With the following schedule, you will arrive on time, calm, and looking your best.

4 weeks before the party

• Find out the dress attire that will be expected
• Decide on your budget for clothes, a gift, and for the night of the party
• Start looking for dress or an outfit
• If a gift will be expected, start looking for a gift
• When bringing a date, think of who you will invite
• Arrange to have the time off if it conflicts with your work schedule

3 weeks before the party

• If you are getting your hair cut, make an appointment for 2 weeks before the party
• Have your outfit picked out and purchased
• Coordinate accessories for your outfit
• Decide on a gift
• Invite your date to the party

2 weeks before the party

• Have your hair done (this gives you time to get use to it)
• Be sure you have a spare set of contacts if you wear contacts
• Purchase the gift for the party

1 week before the party

• Wrap the gift
• Assemble everything needed for your wardrobe and put aside
• Choose jewelry and any other accessories needed
• Arrange for transportation to and from party if drinking

The week of the party

• Double check you have what you need to get ready like makeup and hair care items
• Relax you are ready

The day of the party

• Keep your schedule cleared the best you can
• Start getting ready early
• Leave with plenty of time to be on time even if traffic is bad
• Put the gift in a visible location so it is not forgotten

Sometimes things happen and things don’t go as planned. Be flexible and roll with it. A good attitude will allow you to arrive at the party in a good mood and you will contribute to the life of the party. Whatever the reason for the party, you don’t want to be remembered for walking in and bringing everyone down as you go over the play-by-play of how bad your day went. Before you walk in, take a deep breath and leave everything behind. There will be plenty of time to deal with problems when the party is over. You may even have a new perspective after a relaxing and fun time with friends at a bachelorette party, birthday party, or corporate party.

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