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By: Tommy Jones

In dealing with your child's attention seeking behavior, you can find help from the numerous books about parenting that the experts have written over the years. Attention seeking behaviour in children is common and usually nothing to worry about, but many parents worry about what parenting strategy they should use. There is a wide rage of approaches from surrendering to your children all the time to always sticking to your point.
Many people might claim that they do not have a programmed parenting strategy. Others don't feel comfortable unless they have read the 'manuals' and have a proscribed method to follow. Whichever school of thought you belong to, the problems you face are the same. Attention seeking behaviour is a common issue faced by parents and here are some strategies to deal with it:
1. Do not constantly respond
Children try to get your attention. Whether that is positive or negative attention, if they get a result from their actions they will do it again and again. If you always respond (positively or negatively), then the behaviour is likely to be repeated. Part of the parenting strategy to deal with problem needs to be to ignore it sometimes.
2. Inspire good behaviour
Your child requires attention. Make sure they get positive attention for positive behaviour. A positive parenting strategy like this encourages further good behaviour as the child will see that it gets more results than their negative behaviour.
3. Invest quality time with your child
Make sure that you have some dedicated time with your child every day, and that they know this is your special time with them. Even if it is only 10 minutes, tell them that it is their special time with you and do something worthwhile. It's no good cooking the dinner and trying to talk to them while you're doing it - the child won't see that as attention. Any parenting strategy must include devoted time with your children daily.
4. Say your limits
Depending on your child?s age tell them that you have to deal with other things or other children also. No parenting strategy will eliminate the need to do your chores! Sometimes a response such as "I'll play the game when I've finished the laundry" will stop whining and nagging, but only if you follow through when you say it. There's no point saying "in 5 minutes" and never get to the 5 minutes. Try to involve your child in your work.
5. Know how to proceed if it gets too much
Sometimes people who like to get noticed may fall into a serious problem. If you have serious worries about your child's behaviour, see your family doctor, who will be able to advise you and put you in touch with other agencies that can help. If you feel you are getting too stressed by your child, then it is also important to get some help, and most doctors are very sympathetic to such problems. Unluckily there is no such parenting strategy that can relieve you're life from stress. In exactly this sort of stressful situations, you can find the most sought for help in books about parenting that you can easily find at your nearest bookstore.

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