Parea is as essential as oxygen is to your life

By: Axel Price

As we say, man is a social animal; he/she cannot live alone. Living in a society, a person has to mix up with people and gradually he makes parea (meaning friends/friendship in English). Without them, it is impossible to lead a healthy life. A large network of friends make you feel secure and complete. Emotionally and physically, they are always near you in your thick and thin. May be they are not always present besides you, but at the time of need, true friends will always be there. As the friendship intensifies, you might see yourself gnorimies (meaning dating in English) that person. Your best friend may become your life partner too and the relation will have a strong base and a wonderful future.

In this fast moving world, people are often busy minding their own business and donít know how important parea can be. Stress level is mounting to an extreme level and people are often having various mental and physical ailments. Apart from taking medicine, talking out about your stress can help you a lot. It is said that laughter is the best medicine and this medicine if taken along with friends, can double its effect. Just talking out with friends relieves you of lot of tension.

Apart from simple friendship, the relation between a couple can grow to an extent of gnorimies. Initially, when you come to know a person, there is plain, casual or formal friendship. But this can be a base for lifetime. It is said that you are extremely lucky if you have your best friend as your spouse. Marriage means a relation for whole life. While dating, you get to know so many things about a person which you may or may not like. But if the pros are more than cons, you can seriously think about a lifelong affair.

In the process of finding a good companion, you come across so many people around. Whether itís the workplace or your social circle, you get to meet so many people nearly every day. You may or may not like all of them. But there might be some people whom you like more than others. Irrespective of the gender, they can prove to be your best pals in the future. To have a strong parea, it is extremely necessary that most of your feelings match with each other. Two persons of opposite natures can work together but never be good friends.

For gnorimies also, the wavelengths of both the partners should match. For getting your ideal partner, it is not necessary that you have to go and find him/her physically. Nowadays, there are so many good online friendship sites, from where you can make friends and then if both of you feel comfortable, you can start dating. This gives you a sense of security too, as the best online sites have all the true details about the registered persons.

Having a good parea is considered as a blessing from God. And while gnorimies your best friend, you might be lucky enough to have him/her for lifetime as your life partner.

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To have an ideal gnorimies partner, it is essential to have an extremely strong parea beforehand.

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