Paint a Car

By: Robert Thomson

Have you ever been to buy a car and thought this would be perfect in red well Many people would take there cars to a paint shops to be painted professionally which can cost thousands but why do that when with this guide you can paint your car for next to nothing and have fun doing it. In these guides I will take you step by step over how to paint your car. Please note if you muck up your car you have my condolences but it was not my fault so I take no responsibility.

What you need:

* Paint
* Compressor with spray gun or spray paint
* Primer
* Clear coat
* A rag
* Masking tape
* News paper

Prep work

There are two main ways of painting your car. The first is to not take the existing paint off. If you want to do it this way you need to sand the existing surface so that the paint sticks and then clean it down with a rag. The second is to take the all the paint off and sand the car so the paint sticks this is what I recommend. Take the paint of by using paint stripper or sand paper. Then carefully mask around the windows and lights and any thing else you don't want to paint. Then cover with news paper so you don't get paint on them.


To lay primer you have to use your gun and spray it from side to side not making it to thick is the tricks to spraying primer lay about 2 or 3 layers watch out as primer is very easy to run. Once that has dried sand it with high grit sand paper to rough it up for the paint to stick. Then blow it down with compressed air and clean it down with a rag now you're ready to paint.


To paint you want to get your paint gun (at 27 psi) or can and pull the trigger about 20 cm away from the work and move it in a left to right motion at a moderate pace being careful not to get to much paint in one place or it will run and ruin all of your hard work. Once it has dried sand it with very fine paper and give it another coat. Keep doing this for how many coats you want but don't get to carried away.

Clear coat

Clear coat protects your paint so you want to make sure you use it to protect your paint. Do the same as what you did with your primer and paint keep at a moderate pace not over spraying putting about 3 coats on. Then your ready to polish and hit the town. Hope this article helped.


* Remember to keep at a moderate pace and don't over spray.
* Remember to mask any thing you don't want to get paint on.
* Remember have fun!

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