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By: Mel Joelle

In today’s rapidly change web landscape, maintaining a web presence is more challenging than ever. Not only do high quality, and the most recently popular, sites receive high traffic but aggressively marketed ones do as well. Some of these sites can be creative at raising their visibility. It is that visibility that leads to greater traffic and revenues.

By placing ads on other highly visible sites, more people will click through to explore new sites. The more creative they are, the more traffic they will drive. Highly relative ads are more effective so it is important to make sure the ads are placed on pages where the target demographic can find them.

Web presence can also be increased by being more visible to search engines. Effectively placing articles with keywords relevant to the site will raise the site’s rank among search engines. The higher a site is ranked the more likely people are likely to visit. Using the most relevant keywords is critical to attracting the target demographic. Discovering the search terms the intended audience uses when searching is a key piece of data.

Optimizing a site for searches will have more front end cost due to the time, labor, and expenses related to optimization. Placing ads will have recurring expense as most costs are calculated on a pay per click or cost per click basis. Using both methods and tracking expenses related to each as compared to traffic will help determine the most efficient means of driving future traffic.

High quality content is key to search engine relevance. Search sites will filter out pages that appear to exist only to increase the number of times a term appears. Therefore the content must be relevant and not stuffed with keywords. The more high quality content there is will only help boost a site’s rank.

While adding keyword rich content to a site will directly affect a site’s rank, it is also important to keep in mind other indirect factors. If the audience only finds material that contains the desired search terms and no material of value, the site will lose the trust of the demographic. Trust will be increased with content that adds value as well as: reference links form trusted sites, a history of relevance, and a reputation for authority on the subject.

It may not be possible to control how trusted other sites are that offer referral links. Quality content should directly relate to the trustworthiness of sites offering the back links. Related sites will benefit each other by linking to each other. Trading links with other sites for the sake of the link may actually cause more harm by reducing the trust in the site.

It is not enough in today’s market to simply launch a site and try to encourage visitors. Traffic needs to be aggressively guided to relevant pages using paid search marketing. Proper use of optimization techniques will benefit the public by introducing a relevant site. Professionals have the skills, experience, and tools to effectively manipulate visitors to the desired site.

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