PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Injection

By: Natalia Hegedosh

People who are suffering from Chronic Musculoskeletal can know get cured from PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). This is a special type of injection that is gaining huge popular among individuals. In this therapy food and ankle places can be treated to heal Plantar Fasciosis and Achilles Tendinosis. Many times it has been found that patient face ligament tear and inflammation bring pain and uneasiness. Swollen occurs on the heel area and more pain occurs while walking. The swelling gets reduced after few days automatically bring relief to the patient, but this not a permanent healing.

Tendon tearing and inflammation are the symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis that occurs on the back side of the heel. In Plantar Fasciosis the patient gets piercing pain, when the patient walks here and there. After the pain reduction the patient notice an appearance of nodule. Redness, pain and swelling are the common symptoms of Plantar Fasciosis and Achilles Tendinosis. To cure this pain and swelling PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma injection is the only way. This injection increases the speed of healing and curing the damaged tissue. Bioactive proteins are the main element to reduce the healing procedure and it plays a vital role in curing the dented tissues.

This injection works directly to the affected region. In Achilles Tendinosis the injection is given on the back side of heel and Plantar Fasciosis the injection is given on the bottom portion of the heel. After the injection is given, patients are recommended to wear special type of shoes for 15 days. PRP Platelet Rich Plasma has no side effects and the result it offers is just amazing. This injection is one of the best of its kind in curing heel pain problem like Plantar Fasciosis and Achilles Tendinosis. It is advised that people should take advice from an expert doctor before injecting PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma injection.

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