PRESS RELEASE - AMS To Market Monavie In New Castle And London

By: Bruce Oliver

October, 2009 - Las Vegas, NV - Axis Mundi Systems, LLC (AMS) announced its intention to help new business owners start a Monavie business in New Castle, London, Cambridge, and Nottinghamshire.  Since the International Launch by Monavie Corporation in the European Market in September, people have been asking: "How do I buy Monavie?"  Monavie Active (for active people) and the new energy drink Monavie Emv can only be purchased from Monavie Independent Business Owners in the US or London or New Castle.  Today people want to buy Monavie all over England.  Axis Mundi is there to assist people find the answer to their questions and will help them review their options before the make a decision and do their own Monavie review.
The President of Axis Mundi, Bruce Oliver says, "It's about time that we start telling the truth about what's needed to really become successful in network marketing!"  And working with the Monavie multi level marketing program is no different than the rest.  People who want to buy Monavie in New Castle or buy Monavie in Nottingham should contact Axis Mundi Systems to find out about FREE Enrollment in the Preferred Customer Program.  Once someone feels the effects of drinking this amazing Acai based functional beverage, they'll want to share their experience and he says they ask how to launch their own business as a Monavie IBO.  Then they will learn how to market Monavie to people who want to buy Monavie in London as well as buy Monavie in Cambridge or Birmingham.  Anyone can start a Monavie business opportunity in London the same as they would in the US.  And by working with Axis Mundi from the beginning they get more freebies.
Because the Monavie business model is internet based, Oliver's internet based proprietary system will BLAST CASH into the pockets of people who decided to work with him.  He shows them how he turned 500 into 10,000 in a very short time and how they can do it even faster with his new system.  Because Axis Mundi Systems, LLC is a life and computer systems based company, it provides access to the best systems available to online businesses.  AMS provides a series of internet based software tools, videos, MP3s, webinars to people in their organization for no charge.  All will thrive when these tools and techniques are used to build a successful internet based network marketing business in the 21st Century.  The Perfect Storm occurs for all when there's a level playing field with the same secret tools and systems available to everyone from the top down.  Once that's done, anyone that applies themselves can become wealthy as well as healthy.
Oliver says, "The first question someone should ask of someone talking to them about Monavie is if they charge fees, monthly or otherwise, for online training, webinars, videos or audios."  If they say yes or they don't know, the answer is the same, look for someone who doesn't.  There are business owners like Axis Mundi who don't.  But Axis Mundi goes one step further taking the task of business development to the next level with a series of FREE internet based software tools.  Tools designed to help everyone they work to begin earning multiple streams of income now and residual streams of income in the future. 
As with any online or home based business it takes an initial investment of a little money and a lot of time to begin.  Oliver believes that everyone in London, New Castle, Cambridge or Nottingham can make it big.  Early adopters have a better chance of getting the worm making this the best time to get started.  Monavie is only five years old and because it's only in a handful of countries, it's the best time to begin.  As a Monavie IBO associated with Axis Mundi Systems, LLC people will be able to grow their incomes at home and anywhere Monavie goes.  AMS makes life easy; the sky is the limit. 
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Bruce L. Oliver, BS, MBA, FOSA - Enfield, CT is a graduate of UMASS, Amherst, MA, the University of Hartford, W Hartford, CT and Microsoft University, Bellevue, WA. He is currently working to create multiple streams of income with a new approach.

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