PPI Belfast: What Consumers Should Know

By: JonHayes

If you have taken out a store card, credit card, mortgage or loan, or any other forms of credit, chances are you have been sold or even purchased payment protection insurance or PPI alongside your credit.
PPI in Belfast is intended to pay your debt repayments in case you have no financial capacity to pay such as when you are unemployed, have an accident, became ill or if you have been made redundant. However, many consumers have been mis sold with this policy, meaning they have spent money on something they cannot really claim. The court issued a ruling that directs banks and credit companies to pay compensation for consumers who have been mis sold with this coverage.
There are many claims management companies (CMC) or ‘claim handlers’ that actually help consumers deal with their PPI complaints. These companies are experts when it comes to handling PPI claims. They know how to get through the process and are well versed with the local legal system that handles such complaints.
However, the Financial Services Authority strongly recommends that consumers think carefully before finally deciding whether to hire a middleman or not. In truth, filing claims for mis-sold PPI in Belfast should be straightforward. The FSA offers guides for consumers to follow when filing PPI claims letter. You only need to invest some of your time understanding the how the system works. You can also make use of free, ready-made template for drafting your complaint letter.
Take note that most CMCs charge a percentage for the settlement that can be recovered, as much as 30% of the total recoverable. This means that if you have been awarded with £8,000 refund, the middleman cuts £2,400 from your money. However, hiring the services of a claims handler offers many great benefits such as ensuring a successful claim, minimizing your hassles, and guaranteeing quick resolution of your case.
In choosing your claims handler, you want to consider a company who will charge you after the settlement have been collected. Some handlers collect an upfront fee even before they process your claims, as much as possible, avoid hiring these companies. While these companies advertise a surefire settlement, they cannot guarantee that claim will be a success. If you pay up-front, you may be ripped off your money if the claim fails.
The services of a claims management company are very helpful for consumers who are not sure whether they have mis sold PPI in Belfast or not. The claims handler will evaluate your paperwork to determine whether it comes with a disguised PPI. This coverage comes in many different names or forms such as ‘card protection cover’, ‘payment protection cover’ and ‘loan protection cover’. Because of its many different names, determining a mis sold PPI is often confusing.


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