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Coffee is grown almost all over the world, but yet there are variations in the standard of it. Instead of considering a particular region and collection the data of best coffee beans, lets consider the best coffee beans of the world. The best coffee beans come from Arabia, which are grown at high elevations. However the coffees from Arabia and Africa are sweet flavoured with an acidity that is somewhat tart or sparkling, and often with a wonderful fruity aroma. Te flavours range from hints of citrus to Zesty, winy and often mellow with interesting floral elements and a good balance of body and acidity. One of the features of best coffee beans is that they are simple to crush and brew.

Once the coffee beans are processes they are to be packed. Some are available in form of pods, and some capsules.

The espresso capsules. These capsules of coffee are produced by a production house; name Nestle Nespresso, under the brands name of Nespresso. It is an operating unit of Nestle group based in Switzerland. The Nespresso machines brew espresso coffee from coffee capsules. The capsules are pre apportioned single use container of ground coffee and flavorings. The Nespresso Company manufactures both machines, and the capsules they use. These two products can be purchased directly form Nespresso stores, by mail order or by many other consumer appliance stores. These espresso capsules are sold exclusively by exclusively by Nespresso and are more expensive than portions of ground coffee purchased loose.

Now to talk about Lavazza, which is one of the tastiest and the most favoured coffees in Italy, and a product of an Italian manufacturer. The house actually imports coffee from all over the world, Arabia, Africa, Hawaii, Korea, and processes them according to their grades and aroma. Lavazza Coffee is a splendid layer cup of coffee, which is actually the result of the amalgamation of the products. It is not only thick but very heavy on consuming it. The Lavazza Coffee house operates number of retail coffee shops and they also offer traditional coffee drinks as well as whole grain and ground grain coffee. Since already said Lavazza coffee is a product of varieties of coffees, one then is forced to understand the mechanism of Lavazza Coffee machine. The mechanism of the machine is such that the compressed air produced in it, forces the hot water through the coffee powder. The compressed air comes either from hand pump, but now with more advanced and compact Lavazza Coffee machine, there are carbondioxide cartridges, or also and electric compressor (which is most common)

Now the end of the day is the matter of serving. Coffee is more expensive than Tea, and one cannot afford to waste even a drop, as a result, there are coffee pods and capsules available to according to ones purpose and serve. A single serve coffee is actually a machine. It is manufactured following the preparation technology. It serves only one cup of a particular quantity at a time. The cost per saving from single serve coffee is almost three times higher than that of an alternative brewing method.

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