PANDORA Launched National Memorial Bracelet - Enjoy the Most Beautiful Scenery around the World

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In the spring season, PANDORA takes you around the world to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The most famous PANDORA bracelet of this year celebrates its birthday, in the section some time ago has launched its own observance of the decade emotional bracelet. PANDORA has now launched this national memorial bracelet, pendant series with different characteristics from this country to express PANDORA’s own unique understanding! Each string bracelet is the best card of this country!

Chinese Charm Bracelet red and gold used is beloved and represents wealth, prosperity, good fortune and happiness of the color.

As a PANDORA home, in 2000, the Danish people lucky enough to become the world's first people to wear PANDORA Charm Bracelet.

Gray leather bracelet is a stylish modern classic French interpretation.

Innovative mix and match colors, and unique details and forms, a fashionable style Charm Bracelet in Germany to create out.

UK anniversary bracelet in a variety of pink and pale pink reflect the modern, feminine shape.

Hong Kong
According to Asian tradition, purple is considered to bring wealth and spirituality.

United States
U.S. anniversary bracelet with beautiful light pink and light pink shows the romantic Look.

With a modern Look, Australia anniversary bracelet reflects the internationalization of Australian fashion.

Austria anniversary bracelet in red and white bold reflect the Austrian national flag.

Belgium anniversary bracelet with staggered to create a beautiful deep purple retro style.

Anniversary of Brazil bracelet expressed the flag color and superstitious nature of the Brazilian people.

Canada anniversary bracelet in red and white create a stylish Look.

Clear blue water and pristine white cottages, Greece has been integrated into these colors Anniversary PANDORA bracelet.

"Emerald Isle" was a bold image of the green into the anniversary bracelet of Ireland.

Israel's anniversary bracelet exudes a unique Middle Eastern style.

In the anniversary of the bracelet, the typical Italian character traits and habits are integrated into beautiful jewelry.

Japan's Anniversary bracelet reflects the love and harmony with the beautiful little details with.

Dutch national color is reflected in the elegant bracelet in anniversary.

Poland anniversary bracelet creates elegance in the image while also reflects the beautiful scenery of Poland, the Baltic and the depths of winter blue sky.

Bright blue and pink are very popular in Portugal, and they are also showed by the anniversary bracelet.

Russia's anniversary bracelet reflects the large number of cultural wealth, and a firm belief in the Republic of the vast landscape.

Mix and match a variety of vivid colors from pale, dark green to bright blue, the Spanish special anniversary bracelet amplified.

South Africa
South Africa is the national character of the country because of its remarkable colorful and dynamic culture, which by the anniversary of the bracelet is reflected.

Swedish woman is famous for elegant style, creativity and independence over the world, which is reflected in the anniversary of the bracelet out.

Located in central Europe, along with the sweet and lively alpine pasture, Switzerland Anniversary bracelet includes a classic style.

Turkey anniversary bracelet reflects the unique traditional culture and the impact of East and West combined.

United Arab Emirates
The Anniversary bracelet reflects the ancient Arab culture and as a shopper's paradise of the modern position.

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