Oxycontin Dependency And Cleansing

By: Ben Pate

Oxycontin is a prescription pill that has been the subject of much controversy. This controversy surrounded the highly addictive nature of Oxycontin. An Oxycontin addiction is a very dangerous disease and requires Oxycontin detox in order for an addict to fully get their life back. Addiction is a plight that afflicts many in the United States and the world, however with oxycontin detox services and drug rehab centers hopefully it is an affliction that can be eradicated.


Oxycontin, also referred to as oxycodone, is a part of the opiate family. It is generally prescribed by doctors as a pain reliever. The effects of the drug are very similar to morphine. It is meant to be taken in small increments around the clock to help people with legitimate health issues manage their pain. However, many people abuse the drug on a regular basis to get high. This drug can be taken orally, injected or snorted by users. It is very easy for a person who recreationally uses oxycontin to quickly develop a chemical dependency on the drug. If you know someone with an oxycontin addiction they need to go through an oxycontin drug detox as soon as possible.

Chemical Dependency

There are not a lot of things more dangerous to an individual's health than an addiction to oxycontin. In fact, many people overdose and die as a result of abusing the drug every year. It is especially dangerous to use this drug with alcohol. This combination can be very lethal. It is very easy for someone who uses prescription pain killers recreationally to develop an addiction. This is due to the fact that the drug is very powerful and can alter the chemicals in a user's brain very rapidly. People should only take this drug with the supervision of a medical practitioner. No one should ever take any prescription drug without first consulting a doctor.

How It Works

This type of drug directly affects an individual's central nervous system. This is just another reason it is so incredibly addictive compared to other types of drugs. Once a person begins using this drug, they start develop a resistance to its effects. This causes a person to have to take more and more of the drug to obtain that first high they experienced. This is how addictions are formed. It is imperative if you have an addiction to prescription drugs that you seek medical help immediately.

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If you or someone close to you is suffering from an oxycontin addiction, you should convince that person to undergo an oxy detox as soon as possible. Having an addiction to a prescription painkiller can be very debilitating. It can even take your life if you do not get the problem under control.

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