Outstanding Comedy Series Of All Times

By: Cynthia Blackledge

We all feel blue from time to time. Problems at work, misunderstanding in relationships, stress, depression… there are tons of reasons why you might feel bad, and various solutions to choose from as well. What is the best thing to do when you don’t feel good? There are tons of variants for you to consider, but the best one is doubtlessly a good dose of humor. Scientists say that laughter works well for our health, and this is not a myth. The point is when we laugh our body produces a specific type of hormone that benefits our general health state and, consequently, raise our spirits. Unfortunately, real life oftentimes fails to give us a natural source of joy and happiness, especially when the whole world seems to be against us. So, people have to search for the alternative variants and look for some artificial sources of laughter. Okay, however sad you might be, there is an old method that can help you out – a cozy couch, a plateful of nachos, and your favorite comedy series. Why not after all? Yes, this is a temporary relief, but it will help you to forget about all your troubles at least for an hour. Better than getting loaded huh? In case you don’t know what series to choose, there is a list of the best comedy shows for you to watch. So, without further explanations, let’s skip[ straight to the point and make a quick review on the best (or at least the most popular and beloved) comedy series.


”Friends” is a classical show about a group of people living in Manhattan and trying to get on with their lives while coming through various funny situations. David Crane and Marta Kauffman teach us that whatever happens, your friend will always tell you: “I’ll be there for you”, and hell he will; the rest is vanity of vanities. The cast is remarkable. Seriously, each character has his/her individual style and appeal to the viewer. When you see Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joe, you feel the urge to say: “Please, be my friend, too!” So, do you feel lonely and confused? Ask Friends for help!

Monty Python &Co

A time of stress can pass by unnoticed if you consider a company of comics from Great Britain. Agreeable, this type of humor doesn’t suit everyone. Many people just don’t get it, but The Pythons are an exception. All the jokes are pretty clear, although extremely extravagant. So, switch your logic option off, sit back and enjoy the group of people cracking the most hilarious jokes you’ve ever heard. Hilarious, that’s the definition, and it will definitely make you forget about all your problems, well, at least for an hour. That’s quite enough though as long as overdose can be dangerous for your mental health!

The Big Bang Theory

These guys have proved that “smart is the new sexy”, and geeks all over the world say their big THANKS for that. Four geeky friends share the apartments, grind away at their books, and use their neighbor Penny’s help to improve their social connections. Amazing screenplay and cast won’t leave anyone indifferent. By the way, unlike many TV shows, this sitcom is getting better from season to season. The jokes remain witty and sarcastic, and the actors keep performing the best play. Besides, watching this show you can kill two birds with one shot: have some fun and pick up a couple of funky geeky words in order to use them in the conversation later and show off.

Two And A Half Men (2003)

This series has everything you need when you are angry and upset: the lack of morals, and tons of witty dialogues, sarcastic remarks, and sidesplitting situations. Unlike his brother Alan, Charlie is a go-getter and winner, and he wins easily. Imagine you are Charlie for at least one night: women, money, success, and no worries, and you’ll get better before you know it, and maybe even try to change your life for the best. Well, at least you can extend appreciation to Heaven that you are not as pathetic as Alan and feel better.

Of course, this is not the full list of the best sitcoms. Nevertheless, we had to choose something out of the list, and these four series appeared to be the best ones not only to us but to millions of viewers from all over the world. Someone call the ambulance and tell them we don’t need them here anymore.

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Cynthia F. Blackledge is a big sitcoms fan. She uses avi player to watch her favs in better quality. Check it out too!

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