Outsourcing Strategy: Get Other People To Do Your Internet Marketing Chores


You may not be the best at what you do, but you may be the best at managing those who do it. If you have a flair for telling other people what to do, you might make your fortune serving the IM crowd with your team of providers. Pulling together a diverse balance of customers and independent contractors is a rare talent. If you have it, flaunt it!

The opportunities here are wide open. You could provide content, graphics, Web design or graphics to IM pros by helping talented but marketing-challenged artists, writers and programmers to get work. The area of JV brokerage is another possibility. Putting together list-holders with product creators can make for handsome profits for you and long term "residual" income. You can even buy wholesale and sell retail. If you have an eye for value, the very skills that others undervalue can be resold for a markup price that makes you profitable from the very first deal you negotiate.

There are many PLR Web sites that offer membership and "a la carte" deals on writing, graphics, scripts and software. These sites use freelancers and independent contractors to create the content or product and drive traffic to a central location where the goods are displayed and sold. Whether you choose to pay up front for the products or offer a percentage to the maker (or both) will depend on your business plan, cash flow and long term view of this growing trend.

JV brokers are generalists who can spot value and act quickly to connect it with the right buyer. They have a comprehensive view of the Internet Marketing scene and connect themselves with people from all areas of the business. While this may not be an ideal step for a complete novice to take at first, it's something to consider as medium to long term plan for capitalizing on skills with organizing and managing diverse groups of people and businesses. Some brokers specialize in receiving residual income from their dealmaking. They create streams of revenue that continue to fatten their bank accounts for years to come. This is something to consider when you plan your JV business model.

With the growing number of low-cost providers of first-rate content, artwork, programming and the like, there's an opportunity for ambitious managers to use arbitrage as a way to make serious money. Think of it as JV Brokerage "Lite". You locate, verify and secure the services of discount providers who can produce a decent volume of work promptly and reliably. You then "resell" their work, using your management and marketing skills to reach a much broader audience than these undervalued providers could reach. Be prepared to replace your suppliers as they grow. Many will realize they have more value than they previously believed and strike out on their own.

No matter which model you may choose, you need to keep a few things in mind:
- The marketplace is ever changing. Try and focus on something that has the stability and potential for long-term growth.
- Make sure your business is "scalable", and not dependent upon more hard work from you for growth. Find ways to increase your sales and income that don't depend on you working yourself to death.
- Automate, outsource or hire employees to do as many of the chores your business requires as soon as you can afford it. Keep your focus on your business, not in working for it as a drudge.

Capitalizing on your management skills is a great way to serve the IM community. Many quiet millionaires make their money this way. If it's for you, jump in and get going!

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