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By: Ivanna Zhyljuk

The .NET Framework is a hardware-independent development and execution environment that provides a new programming interface to Windows services and APIs (various functions). It embraces a number of MS based technologies and was first released in April 2003 (Version 1.1).

.NET framework architecture provides robust and reliable application solutions on the internet. To achieve its business objectives, companies can extend their teams by hiring an offshore .NET development company.

.NET allows different programming languages and libraries work together, create Windows-based applications and integrate them with other networked systems. The framework provides programs enabling users interact with one another’s systems rather than the program itself.


.NET is a cutting edge web development technology. It offers a great set of development tools striving to meet needs of the most demanding customers. Among the main advantages are:

Improved Performance Level is provided due to reduced amount of code necessary for building applications.

.NET is Easy to Use. A set of user-friendly tools helps to sufficiently increase programmers’ productivity and, as a result, save customer’s time and costs.

Independent Multi-Language Support. .NET possesses explicit extremely convenient multi-language support. Framework provides binary compatibility between more than 20 languages (C#, C++, VB.NET, Java, Eiffel, FORTRAN, COBOL, ML, Haskell, Pascal, Oberon, Perl, Python, etc.)

Interoperability. .NET possesses the ability to interact with programs executed outside the framework due to resources and functionality sharing.

Wide Range Applications Can be Developed in .NET. These are console applications: Windows Form-based applications / Windows GUI applications, Web and Mobile apps, Pocket PC apps, etc.

Simplified Deployment. With .NET one can build applications more rapidly and deploy and maintain them with efficiency. .NET ensures that all vital application components are available on the computer before the application starts working. The .NET technology also provides web application developers with automatic deployment.

Reliability. Web application developed in .NET is highly reliable due to web server control over the pages on an ongoing basis. Any type of illegal activities or other defects are detected by the server and removed.

NET Utilization

.NET technology can be easily applied by any company using the Internet for data exchange; e.g. on-line retailers, e-commerce etc.
The framework is widely used for building various robust clients applications, not limited by internet or networked applications, including:

Console applications. These include traditional DOS kind applications e. g. batch scripts.

Windows Form based applications / Windows GUI applications. Traditional rich client applications.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application. This is a unified programming model for building rich Windows smart client user experiences that incorporate UI, media, and documents.

ASP.NET Web applications: dynamic and data driven browser based applications.

Windows Custom Controls: personal windows controls can be developed like with ActiveX controls.

Component Libraries: This refers to components initially possessing business logic.

Web Custom Controls: web applications allowing code reuse and modularization.

Web services: applications encapsulating functionality available via industry standards like HTTP, XML and SOAP.

Recent .NET Releases: NET 3.0 released with Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, 3.5 released with Windows 7, .NET v. 4.0 exclusive of an operating system
Main .NET features:

NET possesses a variety of features including:

Interoperability. .NET possesses ability to interact with programs executed outside the framework due to resources and functionality sharing;

Language Independence, explicit multi-language support (but not for the same program). Actually resulting programs can successfully interact with programs written in a different language that is also .NET compliant. .NET framework supports 27 programming languages.

Simplified Deployment. .NET ensures that all vital application components are available on the computer before the application begins to execute.

A common security model developed for all applications that sufficiently reduces vulnerabilities of common application

Common Runtime Engine. CLR is used - environment in which all .NET applications run.

Core products by .NET: C#, CLR, WinForms, ASP.NET, ADO.NET;

.NET makes extensive use of XML and SOAP;
Integrate front & back office, in addition to Web Services;

Some of the advantages of outsourcing .NET application development are presented below:

Simplification. Your projects can be accomplished much faster and at a lower cost. .NET offshore vendors offer access to their own infrastructure and a large pool of talented programmers. Now, you can reduce operational and administrative costs and improve project development efficiency. There is no need to hire extra personnel on permanent basis or purchase new equipment for them.

Business benefits. .NET framework provides simplified programming, as it is a powerful, flexible and fast-operating framework. It allows to develop applications that enable effective communication with geographically isolated customers and partners. .NET technology provides the capability to quickly build, deploy, manage and utilize security-enhanced solutions and systems. .NET framework provides more control and advanced tools facilitating execution of secure and downloadable applications.

Improved management and control. With cutting-edge communication technologies, it is not a problem to control the development process anymore. Customer can easily reach offshore .NET team and PMs via online voice/video conference calls, variety of messengers, e-mail or by traditional communication means. Most outsourcing vendors follow SCRUM and Agile methodologies, so you can obtain detailed report on the accomplished work literally every day.

Generally, when choosing a .NET development outsourcing company, take its reputation, revenue, testimonials of the previous customers into consideration. Take a look at company’s portfolio, study types and complexity of the projects accomplished. Consider contacting some of the vendor’s customers and obtain their word-of-mouth recommendations.
And finally, choose a truly committed offshore .NET development company striving to satisfy customers’ requirements to the maximum extent.

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Ivanna Zhyljuk, Marketing Specialist at software outsourcing company, Master of Political Sciences, specializing in analyzing and examining company's marketing and promotional potential.

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