Outbound Telemarketing Service in the Philippines

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Outbound telemarketing is a technique or system used in marketing whereby the sales personnel who is known as the marketing agent persuades potential customers to buy a product or service on offer. This method of sales could be conducted using several media which include chat support services, phone calls, customer service support, and web conference schedules.
Several businesses make use of telemarketing services to expand their reach and increase sales volume. The outbound telemarketing departments of large multinational corporations are sometimes established using outsourced services that are provided by outbound call centers in the Philippines.
Outbound telemarketing is a veritable solution to an organizationís telemarketing requirements as these call centers are specialists in telemarketing solutions. Outsourcing companies are aware of the scripts that would generate a more positive reply from clients and they have well trained outbound telemarketing agents who can alter a telemarketing program to suit a clientís needs.
When the issue of call center outsourcing is mentioned, India would come to the minds of many Americans.
In 2010, the Indians were surpassed by the Philippines as the world's major destination for call center outsourcing. Outbound call centre outsourcing is the outsourcing of outgoing telephone calls for appointment setting, customer service or sales. The main reason for its increase in popularity is its employees close relationship with the western culture, neutral telemarketing accent, friendly workforce and an affordable and motivated labor supply.
The Philippines which was once a US territory has a labor force that maintains a close relationship with the western culture. Call center agents enjoy the opportunity to interact with Americans. This is an important factor to a successful telemarketing outsourcing. Filipinos love NBA, watch Hollywood movies, and have the capacity to build rapport with the Americans.
The Philippines are also known all over the world for their friendly culture. A primary outsourcing destination, Bacolod is known as "City of Smiles". In addition to their friendly nature, Filipinos have another distinguishing feature when compared with the labor force of other well known offshore destinations, which is their neutral accent. In the US, there has been a noticeable backlash over call center outsourcing in recent times. Recipients of outbound calls will often raise their guards when a telemarketing agent calls with a foreign accent.
The accent of the Filipino is to a large extent similar to what the Americans are familiar with in their day to day dealings in the US. Just like citizens in most developing countries, the Filipinos are hard working people. Outbound telemarketing can be an onerous task that takes dedication and persistence to attain appreciable success.
Telemarketing, for a long time has been known as a game of numbers and telemarketing agents in the Philippines make as much as 200-280 phone calls in a single day.
The growth of telemarketing services in the continent of Asia cannot be explained without making mention of price. By outsourcing this service from locations offshore, businesses in American would be saving a reasonable amount of money.
When broken down to call price, volume, and quantity, it becomes easier to understand why lots of companies in the United States choose to outsource their outbound calls to the Philippines.

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