Organizing Party - The Stress Behind It

By: Alan Keith

Although we all love a good party, not many of us give a second thought to the stress behind organizing it. That is, unless we have been there ourselves, at which point we have probably vowed "never again!"

If you choose to organize a party yourself you have a lot to remember and so it is always worthwhile making a list of all that you need to accomplish, that way you won't (hopefully, with everything crossed) forget anything important.

In order to ensure you don't become too stress at organizing your party, don't be afraid to seek help from friends and relatives. However, choose only those who you know can help, are reliable and who have the organizational capabilities otherwise you may find your stress levels rising dramatically when you discover that the person you assigned the food duty to has gone off on holiday! Don't laugh it happens!

Themed parties can be just as stressful as any other party, but in some ways it can be easier as you know in advance what you want to achieve. If you are not having a themed party you may have difficulty deciding what to do in terms of decoration, food, etc. A themed party can be about anything, but just bear in mind that if you want your guests to be in fancy dress you need to tell them. Very often this is a great ideal for a special party, say a 50th birthday or an engagement party.

If you are organizing a party, then you should ensure you have enough time to plan and prepare everything that you need to. Parties take a lot of time to shape and form and deciding two days before you are having the party is not the best way to gain the maximum benefit. In any event, people have such full social calendars and will need notice. There is little point going to all the time and trouble, even if you can manage it in two days, only for three guests to turn up!

You will also need to consider the dietary requirements of your guests. So many people have issues with allergies, etc., today so if you are aware of someone in the guest list that doesn't eat wheat, milk or is a vegetarian, then you should revise your catering list accordingly. That is not to say that you pay more attention to the minority, but just don't forget about them and ensure there is something for them to eat.

In addition, don't forget about the children. You will need to have something to keep them entertained as well, especially if the party is in celebration of an adult. Children can be very picky eaters, so always include a variety of children-friendly food such as crackers, sausages on sticks, cheese. If you just provide healthy eating options there is unlikely to be many children eating!

There are so many different aspects to consider, so it is no surprise that organizing a party can be stressful, and that is when everything goes to plan!

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