Organic Search Engine Optimization

By: Mel Joelle

You have most likely heard the buzz about Organic Search Engine Optimization and how important it is to a company’s success but wondered what exactly it is. An organic search is simply the instance where the search results are displayed naturally. Now an organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the use of the search engine to increase traffic by using various methods and techniques. It is the preferred process now employed by companies to attain a higher search engine ranking and directory via simple yet critical changes to their company website and ad copy in order to make it more search engine friendly.

The reason that Organic Search Engine Optimization is becoming the more desired form of advertising for companies is due to the fact that it is far less expensive and much more effective than other traditional forms of company paid advertising. It is crucial to a company’s success that they quickly learn the fundamentals that rule the search engine world. There are various Organic Search Engine Optimization techniques that a company should immediately begin to utilize or risk being left behind as their competition gets that important industry edge. The list below provides the most effective strategies currently used and the methods employed.

■Optimization Research: A company’s President or Marketing Director must pick relevant keywords that are important to their business to use in their ad copy content on the company website as well as any press releases, or online articles, newletters or emails that the company distributes. This method will make a company easier for consumers to locate as well as build a company’s brand awareness.

■SEO Implementation: There are various methods that one can use to apply with this strategy, such as; using page optimization, internal links, alt tags, keyword density and frequency, content, url rewrite, and robot txt files.

■Visibility Strategies: This strategy goes outside of the actual company website and relies on outside factors to build brand awareness, such as; effective press release distributions, link building and other paid inbound link services that deliver increased visibility results to your company’s webpage which will ultimately greatly increase business.

■Monitoring: Since the internet is constantly changing it will be necessary for a company to have one designated person or service to monitor the company website and tweak it from time to time in order to keep it updated to what is occurring in the ever changing internet world. This updating is especially important in monthly ranking reports and constant keyword evaluation. There is always room for improvement and another opportunity to increase traffic.

Solely relying on paid options as a mean of generating traffic has become a thing of the past and if only used will end up being a costly endeavor with no sustainable results. Organic Search Engine Optimization should become an essential function in the marketing of any large or small company. It will not only increase traffic which will increase revenue, it will also increase the company’s brand and reputation which is priceless.

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