Organic Search Engine Marketing

By: Mel Joelle

With new search engines coming out the woodwork, marketing is taking top priority. What is Organic Search Engine Marketing? Organic search engine marketing is a pay per click engine marketing substitute that suggests to advertisers another way for their website to be listed as one of the top search results of the search engine listings. This way they do not have to pay for their placement on the lists.

Pay per click advertising is putting forth an effort to bring organic search engine marketing at the forefront of searches.70% of people say that they use organic search engine marketing on a daily basis. According to search studies, 30% of people pick the top search result from the organic search. About 80% of search engine users choose not to use pay per click advertising.

There are about 73% of search engine users that think Google’s search engine has more productive and relevant listings than other search engines. Pay per click conversion rate is about three times less than that of the unpaid websites. These statistics show organic search engine optimization is a better choice of internet advertising for advertisers to spawn traffic to their websites.

More of the search engine users are visiting search engine optimized listings. This is the reason that it is critical for advertisers to have their website optimized and listed in the top search results for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Organic search engine marketing is making a forefront effort to bring optimization an initial way to bring traffic to well maintained websites.

With organic search engine optimization, a search engine and marketing website designer begin with setting up the website with specific keywords that relate to the website advertiser’s products. With the designer, he/she chooses the most effective keywords that would sell the website and the products. These keywords make it to where the website is listed on the first page of the organic search engines.

This makes the search relevant to the particular keyword and the product or service. The consumers are familiar with the relevancy of the page and are more likely to trust the advertiser and buy their product or the service that is sold. Studies show how people are more likely to click on the first few organic search engine listings than a pay per click advertisement.

With these types of services from a professional search engine marketer and custom website designer, the advertiser has more options and opportunities for the pay per click options and the needed conversions.

Through studies that show the frequency of search engine users use the pay per click option for the organic search engine listings, this provides the importance of how an advertiser employs their newly created organic search engine optimization services.

Organic search engine marketing is a pay per click option for advertisers to have their website and product. This gets their website listed at the top of the engines search and grows needed traffic that gets their product sold more quickly.

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