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By: Mel Joelle

Let us talk about SEO first and then allow me to explain what organic SEO is. SEO is the short form for search engine optimization. SEO is nothing but a set of guidelines that webpages should follow in order to gain ranks in search engines like Google, Bing, and the Yahoo. You can be listed in search engines in two ways. The first one is paid listing which might and up draining a lot of money in the long run. The second method is organic SEO in which you naturally rank for certain keywords without paying the search engine. For any business or individual organic SEO is much more profitable.

Organic SEO is option that is much more economical.

People who go for paid listing have to pay money for each click the listing generates even though each click might not convert into profit but you still end up paying for it. In addition, the moment you stop paying money you are out of the listings. Organic SEO on the other hand is longer lasting, once your website has attained a certain rank it only requires a negligible amount of work to maintain it for months and years.

I had always stated that organic SEO is all about optimizing the content, webpages, and site structure. This accounts for what we call on site optimization. On-site optimization refers to the changes she you make to your own website in order to make it more search engine friendly. Let us talk about optimizing content. The content on your website needs to be unique and not copied from elsewhere. Search engines especially Google gives a greater value to unique content. The other thing to keep in mind is that the content should be highly relevant to the keywords and the theme of your website. If you do not have quality content on your website it will be an uphill task or even impossible to gain organic search engine ranking. The second point is having a unified theme across the website; let us say for example if you have a site for your furniture business now you can have a page telling what all kind of furniture you are selling, how you make your furniture and maybe a few more pages about the qualities and benefits of your furniture. You can also put up some pages where you show case studies how your furniture has helped your client.

After you have finished on-site optimization for your website, you can begin with off-site optimization. What is off-site optimization? Of site, optimization is about spreading your links on relevant webpages. Now there are numerous ways you can go about it, you can do it manually, you can outsource it, or you can buy any software to automate the process. Remember that I say you need to gain links from relevant sources because if you gain links for your furniture business from a gaming website it will not really help much. The more relevant you are the greater are the chances for your website to gain number one ranking in search engine.

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