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We all want to find the best doctor available to us when we have a = medical=20 problem of any kind. But, what does this really mean? The bottom line is = that=20 the best doctor for you is the one who is the most qualified to help you = and=20 treat your condition while making you feel the most comfortable. = Ophthalmology=20 is the branch of medicine that deals with diseases and surgery of the = visual=20 pathways including the eyes, brain, and areas surrounding each eye as = such as=20 the lacrimal (tear) system and the eyelids. The word =93ophthalmology=94 = comes from=20 the Greek root words =93ophthalmos=94 meaning =93eye=94 and =93logos=94 = meaning =93word,=20 thought, or discourse.=94 So the word literally means =93the science of = eyes.=94 Since=20 ophthalmologists perform operations on the eyes, they are classified as=20 physicians and surgeons. An ophthalmic surgeon is a medical doctor = who=20 specializes in the medical and surgical care and treatment of conditions = and=20 diseases of the eye. Some ophthalmologists also provide general vision = care=20 services which include prescribing eyeglasses and contact lenses.

General ophthalmology may be just the beginning of one=92s training. = There are=20 many subspecialties under this fascinating field of medicine including = corneal=20 disorders, glaucoma treatments, cataract treatments, stem cell = transplantation,=20 amniotic membrane transplantation, eye banking, eye donations, glaucoma=20 surgeries, optometry services etc.

There are many reasons due to one has to visit an eye clinic. One can = visit=20 an eye=20 clinic for cataract. A cataract is formed when the natural lens of = the eye,=20 responsible for focusing light and producing sharp images, becomes = cloudy and=20 hardens, resulting in a loss of visual function. People suffering from = cataract=20 are not only adults, but children also suffer from cataract. So, there = are=20 different types of cataract treatments, cataract treatment for adults = and paediatric cataract = treatment. =20 People visit the eye clinic for corneal = diseases also.=20 The cornea is the main refracting surface of optical system of an eye. = There are=20 a lot of corneal disorders, but most of it includes the fact that the = corneal=20 stroma (the middle part of the cornea) develops visualy significant = opacity,=20 iregularity or edema. The corneal treatment is possible through cornea=20 transplantation. The corneal disorders treatment is = also=20 possible by stem cell transplantation or amniotic membrane = transplantation.=20 Glaucoma is one of the eye diseases which lead to blindness. It becomes = very=20 necessary to visit the eye hospital for glaucoma = treatment in=20 the intial stage of this disease. The optometrists at an eye clinic can = diagnose=20 and treat eye diseases and give you a better chance at preserving sight. = Early=20 detection of any eye disorder at an eye hospital is the best chance that = anyone=20 can have at treating the disease. Many people would agree that sight is = probably=20 our most precious sense. Unfortunately, in most cases, sight is = impossible to=20 recover, even when it is only partially lost. So, it is very necessary = to take=20 care of the precious eyes by going for treatment of eyes regularly. Some = people=20 are blind by birth, they need cornea transplant. Corneal=20 transplantation can be done only after cornea donation, the = important part=20 of the eye anatomy.

There is lot of controversy relating to eye donation. Someone can see = this=20 colorful world through your eyes even after your death. You can enrich a = visually impaired individual=92s life, a precious gift without costing = you=20 anything. Retrieval of corneal tissue from a dead person is not an = offence=20 unless the person has openly declared on a public platform that his eyes = should=20 not be removed after death. Earlier position on the subject was that a = person=20 had to pledge his cornea and the relatives gave the consent for = retrieval of=20 corneal tissues after the death of individuals.

Dr. Abhay R Vasavada, a renowned ophthalmic surgeon in India = with twenty=20 five years of dedicated practice behind him, is the Medical and Research = Director of Raghudeep Eye Clinic. Raghudeep Eye Clinic is a premiere eye=20 care center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Their treatment services = include=20 adult cataract, pediatric cataract, corneal disorders treatment, corneal = transplantations, cornea diseases research, stem cell transplantation, = amniotic membrane = transplantation,=20 glaucoma examinations, glaucoma surgeries, glaucoma laser surgeries, = glaucoma=20 research activities, direct ophthalmoscopy, indirect ophthalmoscopy, = visual=20 acuity assessment, optometry services, anaesthesia. This center is also = an eye=20 donation center in India , which is dedicated towards eye banking = and eye=20 donation services.

Raghudeep Eye Clinic -a ophthalmic hospital in India = and Iladevi=20 Cataract and IOL Research Centre are affiliated with S K Red Cross Eye = hospital,=20 Dholka town. This clinic is into all kinds of eye treatments and eye = surgeries=20 after deep research and training. So, if you are searching for an ophthalmologist for eye = diseases, this=20 clinic is the best place for you where a dedicated team of = ophthalmologists,=20 anesthetists, scientists and paramedics are committed towards the = progress of=20 the institute.

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Dr. Abhay R Vasavada, a renowned ophthalmic surgeon with twenty = five=20 years of dedicated practice behind him, is the Medical and Research = Raghudeep Eye Clinic - a ophthalmic hospital in India. SEO = services=20 provided by Jigney Bhachech, CEO Opal Infotech, India.

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