Open Source Email Archiving: Few Things You Should Know

By: Audrian Cambell

Of course legal mandates, eDiscovery requests and regulatory compliances are few of the many reasons why big and small companies are opting for the open source email archiving system. However, legal attacks or regulatory compliance are not just the reasons for companies to deploy open source email archiving system. Letís take storage management requirements for instance; honestly, companies will simply run out of disk space and backup time if they do not invest on a cloud based email archiving platform.

Knowledge management as well as data mining can become lot simpler and can also happen much faster in a cloud based archive than on any locally managed e mail program or in any backup tapes. Moreover, relying on a seamless archiving system is also quite an incredible way in offering remote employees a much secure access to their e mail correspondence through a protected web interface.

And then there is disaster recovery also, which has made email filtering service and e mail archival a staggering success amongst big and small companies. To be honest, an archiving system in place stands as a rather useful tool than backup tapes and can be also obtained at a relatively lower cost. The various aspects and features of the open source email archiving appliance further offers an array of diverse functions, which can further benefit just about anyone and everyone in a small business. To put it simply, they are simply not only about email archiving and email data management for legal discovery or for regulatory compliance.

Hosted or on premise?

Yes, there are two principal model available for email archiving, either buying an appliance which can capture all sorts of digital communication onsite, or to use a hosted service, which is accessible via a web browser. Of course the former is best for the companies that bear the mounting amount of expenditure of running more than one server, in-house and also who can deploy their IT resource in managing the intricate maintenance of such a system. Indeed an on premise email archive system comes with a hefty price tag.

On the other hand the hosted open source email archiving system is definitely a much better choice for companies that prefers nothing more to do with IT rather than simply outsourcing the problem off to someone else hence the best option is to purchase cloud based email filtering services as managing and storing digital communication in house can stand as an redundant disruption from their core business.

So, whatís out there?

As more and more businesses are depending on this state of the art archival solution, the email filtering services provider has also started tweaking their offerings to befit the eraís requirements. In fact there is practically a whole gamut of archiving tools customized to suit every businessí requirements and needs.

Seamlessly designed, the tools also contain indexing as well as search capabilities and access logs to offer a full proof audit trail.

Yes, itís possibly the best time to head to the clouds!

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Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how open source email archiving works to help you maintain your emails storage and makes your job fast and easier. Here he wants to share his knowledge about email filtering services and how they help you and your organization in accessing emails easily.

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