Oolong Slimming Tea

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It was over 400 years ago when the production of Oolong tea began in the Fujian Province towards the end of the Ming dynasty.

Wulong tea has a rich aroma and flavor which is a speciality of wu long tea oolong. Because of this it became an art form to drink this tea which involved the use of small teacups and a small teapot. This tradition of drinking tea as been maintained right up until the present.

Basically, it is not very easy to make good oolong slimming tea, but there is the canned oolong tea chinese easily available. The canned wulong oolong tea allows people to enjoy the delicious oolong tea and has attracted various Japanese aficionados and penetrated into the lifestyle of Japanese people.

Loose Oolong Tea is one of the distinguishable types of Oolong teas, in which the naked leaves are sun-wilted and bruised. This action imparts the juice of the leaves to the atmosphere, so that the leaves oxidise and start becoming brown in color. The leaves are permitted to oxidize partly, to get a rich and floral flavor. Afterwards, the oxidized tea is well dried to lock in the rich flavor that oolong tea provides. The special drying process of Oolong assists in producing tea Oolong wulong that has various metabolic arousing properties.

Oolong tea ranges from bright green and it is slightly fermented to hearty and dark-leafed. The varieties that are green are not so fermented. This green tea oolong comes in various aromas and tastes.

Health Oolong tea Benefits

Oolong slimming tea is gaining popularity as a weight loss product. More than 157% of fat can be burnt by drinking oolong slimming tea.

Making oolong slimming tea as part of your daily diet will help you to shed pounds by increasing your rate of metabolism and by blocking the carbohydrate fattening effects.

There is a large quantity of polyphenol contained in Wulong Oolong tea, which promotes healthy and strong teeth, improves the mental well-being and cognitive functioning and prevents allergies and eczema. It also gives the skin a radiant and healthy glow and strengthens the immune system.

The same plant which produces black tea and green tea also produces oolong tea.

One of the components found within oolong is great at controlling the problem of obesity. Polyphenol is an oxidant responsible for dissolving triglyceride. If you consume oolong tea on a dialy basis your rate of metabolism will increase which could aid in controlling obesity.

Other health benefits of oolong tea are:

Free radicals are removed by the amounts of polyphenols that is found in oolong tea chinese.

It is responsible for the prevention of skin damage like liver spots and dark pigmentation.

Oolong tea can act as a anti-aging product. Polyphenols is a substance which is found in oolong teas and slows down the process of aging by combating free radicals. Free radicals turn skin lipids that are supposed to keep the skin fresh, into lipid peroxide and this accelerates the aging process.

The enzyme functioning is enhanced by Polyphenols.

The other ways that oolong tea can help in controlling obesity is by the activation of the enzyme that is responsible for dissolving triglyceride (fatty deposits) and enhancement of the fat metabolism function.

Chinese herbalists believe that oolong tea is great at curing problems associated with a weak kidney.

Polyphenol also helps in reducing and preventing tooth decay.

Consuming just two cups of oolong tea daily will help you shed a few pounds of weight, slow down the signs of aging and give you a healthy radiant glow. It is also great at controlling obesity.

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