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By: Mel Joelle

Most women understand the health benefits of a regular fitness routine. Doctors, news programs, and magazines give us constant reminders of the statistics that link our well-being to exercising and eating right. Just a ten percent decrease in body weight can reduce a woman’s risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other obesity-related health concerns. Then, there are the emotional benefits to consider; what woman wouldn’t want to feel a little more comfortable in a bathing suit or little black dress? The unfortunate truth is that even though women are fully aware of the positive impact proper diet and exercise can have on their lives, they often choose not to place wellness high on their priority list. Perhaps this is not due to lack of concern, but the inability for women to find a regimen that they find comfortable and effective.

Women’s only fitness programs are specially designed to fit the needs of women who otherwise may feel uncomfortable at a gym. For people who are not in prime physical shape, mixed gender workout facilities can be intimidating. The key to achieving success in a wellness program is to develop an exercise routine that meets individual interests and ability levels.

Working with a skilled personal trainer is an excellent place to begin one’s search for an effective workout plan. Whether a woman wants to simply tone her muscles for a sleeker physique, begin a major weight-loss journey, or maintain youthful energy, these professionals can guide women in building a program that is right for them. A personal trainer will assist in learning how to use equipment that is the most beneficial for common problem areas on women’s bodies. They can also help women discover creative and less time consuming ways to maximize the health benefits of their workout while accommodating their busy schedules.

Many women enjoy the sense of community in women’s only fitness centers. If a woman would like to extend her workout beyond the individual routine with her trainer, she can join a group of women in a class. The class offerings today are far more entertaining than the aerobics classes of the past generation. Now, women have the opportunity to participate in activities such as spinning, hip-hip dance, and the increasingly popular, high-energy, Columbian dance style, Zumba. All these choices provide cardio and strengthening benefits, but perhaps more importantly, they provide a healthy and fun atmosphere for women to come together as a group and work towards a common fitness goal.

Today’s world is fast-paced, especially for women who may occupy multiple roles: as professionals, as mothers, or as housewives, so it is understandable that sometimes exercise gets lost in their daily responsibilities. However challenging it may be to make fitness a priority, its importance cannot be ignored. Women who want to maintain health and wellness must build a program that suits their lifestyle. If you are ready to begin the journey towards better help, contact Achieve Fitness at to set up a consultation with a personal trainer today.

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