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By: Haridemos Roditis

If you are like most Ardyss marketers, your greatest goal is to get to the Platinum President. The challenge is that there are only a handful of Platinum Presidents presently, and the whole undertaking seems overwhelming. There are countless Ardyss reps that will not achieve their utlimate dream...
Do you want to become part of the marker? I deduce if you are still reading you are not. And luckily, for those decisive Ardyss marketers out there THERE IS a shorter path to what you are looking for!

Now, there are presently a couple of types of people involved in the network marketing industry. Let me outline them hastily.
The first type is the one prospecting the whole time. Doing belly to belly, chasing people and acquaintances, cold calling, make a list of everyone they know, doing hotel meetings, talking to strangers and so on. And most probably you were taught that approach by your Ardyss upline.
The second type is utilising Attraction Marketing to drive prospects to your business. If you don't know what Attraction Marketing is, you will by the end of the article.

The first approach is the tradidtional one. Many people have succeeded in the 80's and 90's by prospecting. The problem with the first type of tactic is that it is "old school". Times have altered. Signing up people in your business is harder than ever. People have lower attention spans,they have a thousand liabilities and even if your business opportunity could rightly change their lives, most will deny it. And you need 300,000 VP in one month to be eligible for Platinum President. How are you going to attain that on your own calling cold leads and chasing strangers? You won't make it. Think about it. Is Windows Vista matching on a dinosaur computer? Even if it was, you would get poor performance, right? That's why you need to upgrade your marketing procedures, integrate new skills and utilize the Internet to promote your business. Now I am not suggesting that the "old school" marketing won't do. What I am suggesting is it doesn't work at the rate you want it to work and what's more, there are smarter and much more efficient ways to build your business.

The other method is Attraction Marketing. This is the way most network marketing millionaires have done it. Would you prefer chasing people or have, for paradigm, 5 to 10 people contacting YOU for your business every day? What you basically do, is market yourself as a leader and let others come to you with their credit card in their hand, ready to join! This is 10-20 times more useful than traditional marketing and it is less time consuming too. It is a rather new concept and with the the Internet every serious Ardyss marketer should take advantage of it. Did you know that there are individuals right now searching for "Ardyss" on the search engines looking to join the company?

If you are asking yourself how you are going to exploit Attraction Marketing, since you are most likely completely new to it, no fears! The No1 Attraction Marketing System for Ardyss marketers is set up! This is the best choice for the most number of people who want to join the Platinum President rank. What is so truly great about it it, it doesn't cost any money at all and it doesn't force you to talk to people that don't want to talk to you. Imagine getting people to call you stating "I want to sign up with your business". This is not a hype or a fantasy.
Now it is up to you. Will you grab the opportunity or keep playing the prospecting game of chance?

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