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Online restaurant booking
Facts about chicken brought to you by the online restaurant booking service site
* Chickens experience Rapid Eye Movement sleep.
* All the chickens consumed by KFC worldwide if laid head to claw, will be able to circle the equator eleven times
* The rooster’s beard, or the bit that dangles under his beak is to attract the hen’s attention while tidbit tings.
* Female chickens estimate the skill of a rooster’s tidbit ting dance and then decide whether to mate with them
* A rooster announces to the flock when he’s found food but the hens don’t pay any attention unless there is no food lying elsewhere
* There are more chickens than any other bird species in the world
* In 2004, the first bird to have its genome sequenced was the chicken
* A female chicken after mating with different mates picks out the one whose sperm she wants to fester and ejects the rest
* Chickens are omnivorous; they eat insects, seeds and prey on lizards and mice
* Chickens were first domesticated for cock-fights, not food.
* Alektorophobia is a phobia suffered by chicken-fearing individuals.
* We can manipulate chickens into lying bigger and stronger eggs by adjusting the lighting of its cage, letting them think each day is 28 hours long instead of 24.
* The longest flight duration of a chicken in 13 seconds
* The maximum laid eggs by one chicken was seven
* The longest distance on record that was covered in flight by a chicken in 309.5 feet
* There are over 3,000,000,000 chickens in China
* Chicken is closely related to Tyrannosaurus-rex
* An egg can contain more than one yolk, the highest found in one egg are 9 yolks.
* Turkeys are cross-breaded with Turkeys to produce ‘Turkin’
* There are more chickens on Earth than humans.
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