Online flirting – A new breed of flirting

By: jay berry

From times immemorial it has been the work of males. Now, in a decidedly much feminist world and time, it’s the work of both males and females. Referred to as “coquetry” or “flirting”, it is an activity involving both verbal as well as subtle body language aspects.
What it involves and common terms:
The body language aspects include the so-called “signs” that everyone looks for: a woman flicking her hair, eye contact, staring, winking; and not to mention the most convenient and expressive of them all – the batting of eyelashes. Then again, there’s the feigned disinterest to “step up the game”. With flirting becoming increasingly common everywhere, it has given birth to a vast variety of slang: a “player” is a male looking to attract a woman. And his careful planning, grooming, witticisms; all these make up his “game”. Flirting may be either for fun, or with intent. Flirting for fun takes place between friends, colleagues or newly met strangers. Flirting with intent plays a role in the prospective mate selection process. It involves the two parties usually sending out subconscious or conscious body language messages to gauge the level of interest of the other person.

In other words, to flirt it’s convenient if you can see the person and study him/her. The same situation doesn’t apply however if you’re an online flirt.

Online flirting – a new breed of flirting:

With everything being e-revolutionized, relationships are no exceptions. Flirting has become a part of the online scene too. It involves chatting someone up, finding that other person’s interests and views; seeing if they match or are at the very least, compatible. After that it moves on to the “Can I see you?” stage where pictures are exchanged; followed by compliments and a whole lot of full-fledged flattery, especially about the person’s eyes, lips, etc. Online, you don’t have the same tools to work with which you would ordinarily expect, in real life. Therefore a whole new vista of “chatiquette” has opened up.

Men and women alike have to constantly keep themselves updated with the latest pop culture to sound more “hip” and “cool”. Then again, there are those little cute things called “emoticons”. Simply a “;) ” can mean a flirtatious wink. A “:*” can mean a kiss, etc. With the help of online chat, Yahoo messenger, MSN, almost anyone can be a charming “guy next door”. Online flirts pave the way for serious relationships too, as opposed to popular belief.

With the right amount of charm and humor, and the right amount of “no desperation” applied, a perfect recipe can thus be created to find perfect potential soul mates.

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