Online casino games differ from real-life casino games slightly

By: Steve Briggs

Online casino games are different from real-life casino games in very small ways if any at all. The odds on the games are same if not slightly better at the online casinos. The only real difference when in respect to the games is with the ones which are not decided by a computer program. Table games such as Craps and Roulette, or card games such as Black Jack or Caribbean Stud Poker will obviously always have those that doubt the virtual version of these games just as there will always be skeptics of online poker games when compared to real-life poker because in one you have actual cards dealt out and the other relies on a computer program which is called a "random number generator". It is programmed to scan through all the possible results the machine could return, literally going through them all thousands of times a second and it randomly throws out a result which will prove to be returned a very close number to the amount of times the odds for that result should happen, when the game results are audited after a long period of time. By long periods of time I am speaking of the play of all the players to play that game, not only at that casino but at several (if not more) casinos, over the period of a year or more. Odds just like luck, happen in unexplainable streaks that only truly pan out to their expectations on a consistent basis when figured over extremely large numbers of statistics which includes time span.

This is how your games are now decided when you play any video poker or slot machine game at any casino, land-based or virtual. Only difference is the cards, roulette, craps and other such table games that are still using the old fashioned way to produce results so those would be the only games you should have any right to question when playing on line. However they too, will prove to produce the same odds of results as their real-life counterparts because that is the genius of the random number generator, and the reason online casinos can offer such games as roulette, black jack, craps or any other table game found in a real-life casino.

Random number generators are audited monthly by independent accounting firms to prove to meet the standards expected from the RNG and this is paid for by the software providers (game providers) to ensure their games are always fair and therefore desired by both consumer and casino owners.

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