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By: Ricky Lim

Information in essential in every business and company. From your local car supplier to a multi national oil corporation, information is the key in how the modern commerce works and thus is a valuable asset which need to be protected.

Every Business Needs a Backup Plan

Lost data means lost of money, especially if it is information about clients, tax records, or other personal data. How can your company lose data? Simple: hard-drives fails, computers burn in flames, the entire building burns in flames, natural disaster occurs, thieves stole your computers on which your company stores the data.

Your entire business can depend on that data and thus you must protect them as you protect your life. So, you must have a plan to back-up your data in the event of something wrong will happen. It´s better to be safe than sorry.

The Lesson of Hurricane Katrina

We all learned a sobering lesson from the disaster in 2005 from New Orleans. Not only was there a physical devastation but an incredible amount of data was lost too as there were several data centers located there. Those strong enough to rebuild their business were left with no business to rebuild since they had absolutely no data.

The only business who survived Katrina was those who made a backup of their data on online backup servers as they were able to restore their data and thus were operational once again.

The Advantages Of Online Server Backup

It´s easy and reliable. It can be scheduled or can be manually initiated and works just like a traditional backup, except that is online.

Being a distant server protect it from a disaster in your geographic area such as Katrina.
Your backups have backups. These online servers always keep a backup of the entire disk-drives on their clusters adding another layer of data security.

Safe data transmission through the internet using cutting edge encryption technology making your data to be inaccessible for anyone who doesn´t have the correct password.

The evolution of the internet makes online backup easy and fast and today´s software make it event easier to backup, restore or maintain your records.

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