Online Photo Competition: How it Aids in the Growth of a Photographer?

By: Julia Bennet

A photograph is a piece of art that captures one moment from an infinite timeline that is impossible to reproduce in the same time-space constraint. There are many a reputed online photo competition that are hosting several many photographs from a range of experienced and emerging photo-artists. The number of online competitions has skyrocketed into a mammoth in no time. So much so that now there are different portrait photography competitions in which almost all photographs are posted.

There are photo competitions galore in the virtual space and the organizers are going from one place to other to make these competitions more interesting. At the same time, these competitions are excellent opportunities for budding photographers to be noticed by the larger web community. There are several many ways an online competition can be important to a photographer. Here are a few.

Working with a theme
One of the most important things that budding photographers need to understand is working with a theme that they have been given. While it might be a difficult art to master, there are not many ways that a newbie can learn the delicate art of theme-bound photography. They might be asked to click on a particular genre of fashion photography by the online photo competition. It is up to the photographer to understand how important it is to get to a proper understanding of the theme that is being dealt with.

Focus on editing
Unless photographers take to participating in an online competition, it is not possible for them to make a few amends in the photographs. The art of editing the photos is one that will not dawn in the artist unless he views his own work with a critical eye. When they get to compare their own photographs with those of other photographers, they get to understand the importance of doing a better job with the editing of the photographs.

Rise in standard
The more photographers compete in the online arena with other photographers, the better will they do in their own standards in photography. This is however a gradual process and one does not try to overdo one self in it. All that the photographer needs to do is take part in many good portrait photography competitions one after the other. This way they can understand both the depth of their own work as well as that of others.

The learning process
In every competition, there are dozens of losers for every singular winner. Odds are most people will be training the line. But the good thins is that they will be doing so in style. They can always learn the tricks of the trade from the winner. In fact a thorough study of the photographs of the winner will give a good idea of the lacunae in one’s photographs. This can be related to both the shooting and editing of the photographs. It is after all the process of learning that is escalated through an online photo competition. Moreover, there are also not many alternatives through which photographers can better their performances.

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