Online Nursing Degrees - Are They Worth It?


It seems like you can do everything online these days - shop, learn, and even buy groceries. However, when it comes to education, online degrees may not be the best route for this career. While online nursing degrees are incredibly convenient and simple to access, there are some components to keep in mind before enrolling. Choosing the right degree program is a crucial step when deciding on the best path for lifelong career happiness and success.

Why People are Choosing Online Schools

There are a number of reasons why men and women are choosing to attend schools online.

  • Convenience - As an online student you do not sit in a regular classroom, and you will not have to commute from home or work to campus. This helps many students continue their current jobs as well as care for their families without the interruption of going to and from school. It is far easier to create a workable schedule in this way.
  • Affordability - Many online programs are far cheaper than traditional schools because the schools do not have to maintain traditional school infrastructure - real estate, buildings, etc.. Investing in school becomes more reasonable in an online format.
  • Choices - Because online schools allow you to 'attend' these programs from anywhere in the country, you can easily move or attend a school that you might not have been able to attend if you had to physically be in attendance.
  • Low residency programs -Some online schools offer low residency programs, which means that you only have to go to the actual school classroom a week or two a year.

Why Online Nursing Schools Need Careful Study

Some courses in nursing school can be taught online - medical terminology, for example - there are other classes that may not be able to be taught in this manner effectively. Without the hands-on training that you receive in a hospital or clinical setting, these new nurses may not be ready to handle a live patient in the medical world.

In addition, some online nursing schools are not fully accredited, which makes the certificates they present to the student less valuable in the medical field. Quality online schools will not only be accredited, but they will also provide sufficient training so that the nurse can take his or her boards successfully in order to be fully licensed.

Online nursing schools for higher level nurses - RN, BSN - should require that the nurse also attend practicals that require him or her to work in a clinical setting before they are able to graduate. This experience provides the education they need to be effective medical workers.

Are They Worth It?

The question of whether or not online nursing degrees are worth it is one that only the student can answer. When looking to start a career in nursing, students should check with local hospitals and offices to see if their future credentials will be acceptable.

The good news is that more online nursing programs are becoming accredited and are providing new nurses quality options to launch or continue their nursing career. Use the same criteria to select an online program that you would use to select a traditional school. Remember to check for accreditation and evaluate the hands-on training. Those particulars are necessary if the online school in question is worth your time and money.

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