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By: Hakim Majali

Online backup is very important, it provides us with the best solution to protect our data from being lost or damaged. But itís very important to be secured; transmitting you data from your device to an online server must be secured before, while, and after transmitting the data. Here are the most important features that make the online backup process safe and secured:

Data Encryption for Secured Transmission good online backup service encrypts all data transmission between source machine and backup one using at least two standard security algorithms. For example: BlowFish 448 bit encryption for data encryption along with Diffie-Hellman for secured dynamic key generated for each backup session. In addition, it must encrypt the files (second level of encryption that is additional to the Blowfish one) before being sent using standard AES encryption with ZIP format using a password provided by the user. This makes the files saved at the backup server saved in an encrypted format so no one can open them unless they know the password provided by the user. User is required to enable compression if they want to use this second level of encryption.

It supports session encryption using blowfish 448 bit encryption along with dynamically secured generated key for each backup session. Session encryption means encrypting all the traffic of the data between the userís computer and the backup servers. This makes the user feel safe about his data going over the Internet.

Transfer Data Encryption to prevent interception of data. This does not mean that the data will necessarily be encrypted during storage. Good online backup providers applies more encryption to protect the data during storage.

End-to-end Data Encryption of data at the client the encrypted data is then transmitted and stored on the server. This requires a client-generated key, and precludes data recovery should the key be lost. Depending on implementation, it has also preclude certain optimization techniques (such as recognition of common operating system files which don't need to be stored multiple times, and removal of duplicate user files across different users ó'reduplication').

Good online backup companies make session encryption is not optional, it is mandatory all the time and that for your security

Data saved on redundant servers in case one server becomes unavailable, you can quickly access the other server for data restore.
Advanced Archiving Online Backup must support file archiving where files being overwritten or deleted could be kept in a separate archived location for future reference if you need them.

Online Backup Privacy good online backup services providers protect your privacy by offers a second level of encryption that allows the users to encrypt their files with their own selected password before files are pushed to our servers. This is on top of session encryption. The user selected password for encryption is known only to user which means only users know how to open the files ( even the online backup providers canít open files).

Remote Data Wipeout in case your device is lost or stolen, your critical data will be erased from your lost device and no one including who has you devices can access them.

Remote IP Address Locator when your device is lost or stolen it locates the IP address of your device and find exactly where it is and the contact information of the owner of the internet connection used in your device, these information will be used to get back your device again.

The last two features are very important and they are the newsiest features in online backup technology. They are available only in MDI Online Backup.

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