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Freelance entrepreneurship can be one of the most rewarding approaches to working for yourself. It can also be the most scary, with no "job security" and depends totally on your reputation, repeat business and client testimonials. If you have the necessary risk-taking temperament, going it alone can be your path to stardom. If you loathe risk, partner with others so you can spread the risk or seek out a broker/manager who'll supply you with steady work, at a reduced return for you.

Don't be too eager to promise the world, just to get started. It's very easy to offer too much for too little return. You may end up with more work than you can handle - that will hurt you in the long run. Having to pay another freelancer to pick up your overflow may be more costly than you can afford. Dropping the ball altogether will turn your fledgling business into a flop you may never recover from.

Get to know the particulars of your niche. Take the time to visit your competition's offerings and figure out how you can position yourself in the marketplace. There's no sense in you trying to reinvent the way business is done in your area of expertise. Remember that those who have gone before you ironed out all the wrinkles and kinks. Don't assume that your great, new idea hasn't been tried before, and found wanting, when it came to getting customers to pay for it. Again, this depends on your tolerance for risk and ability to survive a prolonged period of no income.

Your personality and presence will be the main selling point of your freelance services. In a world where "perception is reality", freelancing means attracting and keeping like-minded customers. This is one case where your USP (Unique Selling Point or Proposition) is you. In most cases, what you do is being done by others, perhaps even better than you can do on your best day. That's where a strong, personal connection that is sensitive to the needs of your customer will pay off. Don't let your ego push away potential business because you appear to be too much of a fat head!

Prompt delivery of your product or service is your number one priority. "Perfectionism" is deadly for the freelancer. If you delay your customer's plans because you feel you must "tweak" things a bit more, you'll kill your future relationship. Nobody wants to hear how great the finished product WILL be. Everybody wants to hear the sound of incoming email that announces you've completed the work early. Don't let your personal foibles slow things down - get the product out the door!

Along with general knowledge about your customers, you need to find ways to add value to whatever you do that matter to them. There's no point in sending them something "extra" that you think is cool. Find out what is "cool" to them and add it in. Even better, be ready to add something they will need, but did not know the needed (or anticipate that you could supply it). Writers who supply Web content can add in SEO optimization, LSI-friendly content and titles that add to the value of the finished product. The bottom line here is to under promise and over deliver.

Finally, you need to protect yourself. The more highly you value yourself, the more your customers will value you. Get a deposit up front for any project you begin. Make sure you have specific, well-defined limits to your responsibilities. Avoid open-ended commitments that allow your customer to chew up days of your time, with no additional payment due for "revisions" or other time wasters. Set an hourly income goal and shape your business practices accordingly.

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