One Plainfield Daycare Center Truly Puts Kids First

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If you were to go online and search for a Plainfield daycare center (which you may very well have already done if youíre reading this article), after clicking on a few websites you quickly realize something: itís easy to claim to be the best.

Websites are cheap, but quality is priceless.

Itís easy to build a website these days. Itís simple enough to take a few pictures at the right angles and make it appear as though every single child attending that particular Plainfield daycare center is happy, well-adjusted, and being cared for by attentive staff, teachers, and other adults.

The reality is much different. Unfortunately, far too many daycare centers throughout the region are either overwhelmed with children, understaffed, or rely on inexperienced and untrained men and women to look after the children.

There is a better option.

One particular Plainfield daycare center really does go above and beyond the traditional call of duty and puts children first. That is known as KLA Schools. This childcare center is focused on providing the most exceptional early childhood development opportunities for every single student in their care.

What is the age range?

KLA Schools welcomes infants and toddlers all the way up through kindergarten. They provide unique and safe learning environments for each age group. All of the teachers and other staff who work at KLA Schools are highly trained and experienced with early childhood development. They understand how valuable this time period is for every child. In fact, 90 percent of the brainís neural networks will be formed by the time a child is five years of age.

This is the time to focus on exceptional learning opportunities.

Because of that, KLA Schools utilizes the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. Developed in a small town in Italy, the Reggio Emilia system is child centered. Instead of forcing children to remain seated in equal rows and listen to a specific lesson that may be of no interest to them or engage them mentally, this program allows them to explore the world around them while learning the same lessons, but in a much different way.

The results are phenomenal.

Many of the worldís most highly respected and renowned early childhood development experts praise the Reggio Emilia approach because of the results it produces. Children are not just learning better, but they build confidence, grasp complicated concepts more easily, and during their later educational life tend to excel beyond their peers.

KLA Schools truly is one of the only Plainfield daycare center options that puts children first. They have done this for years and continue to do it each and every day.

They have an incredible outdoor learning environment where children can grow vegetables and other plants during the spring and summer months, an indoor arts atelier where they can explore their creative endeavors at their own pace, and the facility is one of the safest around. It truly does put children first.

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Finding a quality Plainfield Daycare Center that puts kids first is not always easy, but one school in particular not only does that for the first couple of days a child is with them, but as part of their overall philosophy and that has led to them being a leader in early childhood development in the region.

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