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Many of us would’ve used shotguns in our childhood. Shooting birds and squirrels is the favourite pastime of many kids. But thanks to this wonderful hobby called Airsoft even adults now buy shotguns for their mock battles. There are many variations of shotguns available that can make the mock battles really interesting. If you want to know about the types that you get in an Airsoft shotgun simply visit one of the Airsoft UK websites and the information will be there. You can even make your purchase online.

Firing a gun requires courage and not everyone can manage this properly. Before you fire your first gun you need to know about it so that you are safe. The game of Airsoft is largely safe because of the laws in place but it is still good to know about the various guns that are available in Airsoft UK websites. Typically you get shotguns that are spring powered, gas powered and battery powered. Depending on your experience with firing you can choose one. Given below are the details of a top Airsoft shotgun that you will fall in love with.

The M56C Airsoft Part Metal shotgun is a completely realistic looking shotgun that has a retractable stock that can fire 3 pellets at a time. If you are looking for something deadly accurate and powerful then the M56C is meant for you. As the name of the gun says it is made partly of metal with tough plastic reinforcement. It comes in a combination of black and orange colours.

This shotgun is modelled after the Marui M3 Shorty, one of the best known shotguns in the world. There are three independent barrels inside the main outer barrel of this gun. This is why when you shoot this gun three pellets simultaneously charge towards the target.

This Airsoft shotgun has a fire power of almost 340 FPS and can hold 30 pellets in its magazine. When you buy this gun from an Airsoft UK website you also get a pair of safety goggles and a speed loader along with a pack of 100 pellets. However, the accessories may differ from one website to the other.

Shotguns are not snipers and hence you cannot use them over a long distance. If you are playing an Airsoft game that involves shooting down your enemy on the other side of a trench (for example) then a shotgun is perfect. However, if you are acting the role of a sniper then you need a rifle with focus. Success in Airsoft fighting depends a lot on the equipment that you use and hence, when you visit an Airsoft UK website you should know what you need. This makes it easier for you to make your choice.

While we have talked about the Airsoft shotgun here we must also tell you that safety should never be ignored in Airsoft. Many Airsoft UK websites sell safety equipment that you must buy and use before you decide to hit the battlefield.

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When you visit an Airsoft UK website you get to see a whole range of guns. You may want to start with an Airsoft shotgun and then graduate to the other ones.

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