On Settings and Cuts: Designing Engagement Rings that’s Uniquely You

By: Shaan Berg

Marriage is honestly one life event that couples need to be truly prepared for. Not to be cynical or anything but there isn’t any other important event in a woman’s life that needs so much physical, mental, emotional and financial preparation which is why one can hardly blame the happy couple for breathing sighs of relief when it’s all over – the wedding, we mean.

For one, the pre-wedding preparations are enough to give any couple palpitations, with so much to do but with so little time. One of the most engaging matters that take up so much time is choosing the engagement rings. A guy can be hard-pressed (as if he wasn’t enough already) to find the most perfect, most beautiful, most unique ring to put on his lady’s finger and it’s not for lack of choices or options. So we decided that to make things easier, we would give you a rundown of the most sought-after settings and cuts just to give you an idea or maybe an inspiration of what will be the ultimate symbol of your love and commitment.

The good news is, the internet is chock full of online jewelers who allow their customers to either pick from their wide selection of beautifully-crafted engagement rings or give them the chance to design their own rings to make them more special and unique for their intended, with diamond engagement rings being the most popular. On sites like GoldeNet Australia you can first choose the settings for your ring, three of the most popular of which includes the following: the prong, which is the most common type of ring setting that involves three to six “claws” that hold the stone in a metal head or basket. Prong settings can be round, pointed, flat or V-shaped and act as pockets for a stone’s square corners.

Another setting can be the tension, wherein the compression-spring pressure of the shank holds the stone in place. The bezel on the other hand, is a metal rim with edges that fully or partially surround the perimeter of the stone, protecting it from being nipped or chipped. Another setting that is most popular as wedding bands is the channel, which sandwiches a row of stones between two horizontal channels for part or the entire ring with no metal separating them. Of course, there’s also the bar which can be applied to part of or the entire ring but instead of channels, there are thin metal bars holding the stones firmly in place.

Then there’s also the pave (pronounced “pah-vay”) which involves three or more rows of small stones fitted into holes that put them on a level with the surface of the ring. And last but certainly not the least there’s the gypsy which is popular as men’s engagement rings because the stone is “flushed” into a hole in the ring so it doesn’t protrude. You can check engagement rings here and other lesser-known settings to add uniqueness to your special project.

As for the cuts, you can choose from the marquise cut, which is an oval with pointed ends, the cushion cut, which is a cross between a rectangle and an oval and is mostly pillow-shaped and also referred to as the “antique cut.” Then there’s also the emerald cut, which is rectangular with cropped corners and long stair-step like facets. The ascher cut on the other hand is similar to the emerald cut but is squarer in shape so that it looks octagonal.

The princess cut is a brilliant square stone and along with the round cut, is a very popular engagement ring as it is a classic diamond shape and has the most sparkle. Of course, there’s the heart cut, which is basically self-explanatory and the pear cut, again self-explanatory but the one thing about it is that it makes your finger look longer and more slender if you wear it with the tip facing away from your body.

You also have a choice between platinum, silver or yellow gold engagement rings to go along with your chosen settings and cuts so that you come up with something truly perfect and truly unique to let her know how much you want to spend your life with her. These are the cuts you can choose from whether you decide to design or buy engagement rings online that will surely put smile in your beloved’s face and in her heart as well.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect settings and diamond cuts, you can now complete your order and decide whether you want a matching set or just the one ring and pay for it. Simple, fast and easy and you didn’t have to make the rounds of brick-and-mortar jewelry stores. You also get to save money because the price of your rings depends on the settings and diamonds you choose – basically this means you will be able to spend more for other important things to be truly prepared for the wedding of the century. Check out http://www.goldenet.com.au and start designing the most perfect ring for the most perfect person in your life.

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Designing your own engagement rings has never been this easy or affordable and it’s all only at www.goldenet.com.au. Visit GoldeNet Australia here and choose from the widest variety of stones, settings and cuts to come up with the one unique ring that binds you both together forever.

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