Old Mats from Trampolines Have Other Uses

By: Pamela Miller

Trampolines are cool things. They let kids to happily bounce for hours. For older family members, these bouncy devices act as effective exercise equipment. Professional athletes often practice their jumps, somersaults, and other gymnastic executions on trampolines.

In normal homes, a trampoline is commonly placed in the yard. Yet, just like any other item, regular use and exposure to elements cause some of its components to wear down. Most of the wear and tear occurs on the trampoline's bounce mat since this is the most abused area of the trampoline.

Normally, you will obtain a a brand new mat. But do not dispose of the old mat away since you can still utilize it for several of household purposes. Here are several suggestions.

1. Trampoline mats come in different shapes, circular, rectangular, and octagonal being the most common. Regardless of the shape of the mat, you can certainly use it for fitness. For instance, you can trim it down into shape (or even leave it as it is) and use it as a gym mat where you can lie down as you do aerobics, yoga, and floor exercises. True, it may not be padded like normal gym mats, but it can prevent you from touching your body to the floor. Furthermore, due to the fact that there is no padding, the mat is very light, easy to roll up, and easy to store. When it gets stained, you can quickly clean it up using a household cleaner.

2. So long as there are no major tears at the middle, you can use the old mat as a cover for outdoor items. You can utilize it to cover your motorcycle, bike, outdoor furniture, lawn equipment, and innumerable other items. The thick material protects your belongings from the sun's extreme heat, dust, and the wind. Additionally, if your mat is waterproof, it can prevent water from soaking the item underneath.

3. If you are an artist, you can use your old bounce mat as a drop cloth to shield your precious floor. Place the mat below the easel to catch the oil, paint flecks, chalk particles, and other art media as you work on your masterpiece.

So not to throw old mats from rectangle trampoline Melbourne.

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