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By: Ricardo Powel

It’s no denying the fact that most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle. Most of the time, we are deskbound and glued to PCs or laptops in our workplace. This implies we end up spending 9-10 hours at the office. Not all are blessed with a healthy workplace environment. By environment, I mean the chairs, desks, cubicles, and computer carts. Poorly designed furnishings affect employee health, productivity, and efficiency. Therefore, to set up a professional corporate ambiance, ergonomic chairs, tables, and cubicles should be considered. There are office furniture San Francisco stores to help business owners make a difference to their workplace. Here are some considerations to pick out the right pieces.

Consider Location

Where should you place chairs and computer desks? You have to focus on aspects like entrance and windows. Cubicles, chairs, and desks should be installed strategically over light points to make the optimum use of lighting. However, ensure that PC screens do not reflect light from illuminations above and hurt an employee’s eyes. It will affect productivity. Workstations should be away from noise and other distractions.

Know Basic Needs

Before visiting a store, better know your basic business needs. These include items that you will need such as chairs, PC desks, cubicles, file cabinets, conference tables, architectural wall items, and so on. Say for instance, you are an owner of a graphic design firm. This means you have a strong team of graphic artists. In such a situation, opt for desks that are large. Besides using the PC, designers are also required to make rough sketches on writing pads. This means there should be space for accommodating pens, pencils, and writing pads. On the other hand, if you own a consultancy firm, you need file cabinets for storing sensitive client documents.

Choose Ergonomic Seats
Chairs are the most important pieces of furniture in an office. It is not necessary to invest in new products. Secondhand items will do provided they are from a reputed used office furniture San Jose outlet. Consider factors like back support and armrest. The armrest should be at a convenient position to help staff work with ease and convenience. As far as back support is concerned, it should help your staff to be seated comfortably with a right posture. This is important to avoid back aches. The height of chairs should also be adjustable.

Desks with Storage Space

Desks are generally used to keep computer monitors. Ensure there are no other items to make the place cluttered. Other items include coffee mugs, files, papers, writing pads, and pens. Then, these need to be kept somewhere. This is where the significance of storage space arises. Files, documents, cups, and other items should be kept inside in-built drawers. Again, the CPU and the UPS should be kept below the desk. Make sure that there is ample leg space and ventilation below.

Mobile File Cabinets

Moveable file cabinets are best for flexibility and additional space. If there are confidential files to keep, opt for locked cabinets from any office furniture San Francisco stores. If there are space constraints, you can consider adding wall shelves to make effective use of vertical space.
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