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By: Mel Joelle

Looking for maps online is so easy to do. Using your iPad, you rely on MapQuest or Google maps to bring you back in the right direction whenever you’re lost. Suddenly out of nowhere the internet goes out. How can you find your way around without internet? There is no free Wi-Fi connection around. Instead of wondering, how about taking precautions. The iPad presents to you OffMaps 2 for iPad, a cheaper way to travel the globe.

Now the internet doesn’t have to go out in order to use this; sometimes you just don’t feel like going online. Created by iosphere GmbH OffMaps 2 can work online and offline, at home or abroad; you can use this anywhere, anytime. When you’re not using the computer, this iPad application lets you search for maps. Grab maps from thousands listed in their library from all across the USA and from international hotspots. Download these maps and it will be saved for you for future access. Maps are stored in a vector like map shelf for high quality display; because of that the maps are visually beautiful. Zoom in to see more specific details or zoom out to see a broader image with the magnifier. For the affordable price of .99, you can download this application and get two free maps. Updates for OffMaps 2 and the actual maps are free. Additional maps are .99 for a set of three. If you’re looking for unlimited map downloads, pay the affordable price of 5.99.

The features will make or break a purchase, and you will be pleasantly surprised at what OffMaps 2 can do. It has offline maps (provided by OpenStreetMap) with searching function. OpenStreetMap doesn’t just tell you where a place is located and the streets around it, it tells you the nearest ATM’s, restaurants/bars, bus stops, hospitals, shopping areas, gas stations, sports, and the like with the search bar. No more printed guides about the place of interest, use the Wikipedia Articles with images (linked with OffMaps 2) to tell you what the place is about. The feature can be used online and offline. Get restaurant menus and restaurant recommendations online or offline… even reserve a table courtesy of OffMaps 2′s Toptable. For public transportation, OffMaps 2 will show you an overlay. For old fashioned travelers and others who can’t decode a map, OffMaps 2 has a compass as well.

This fantastic app is great for great for travelers and tourists who are lost. With free updates, this is also good for travelers and tourists that don’t want to get lost. As great as this product is there is one disadvantage. As much as you can pick your own destination when it is not available, there aren’t a whole lot of maps to cover that chosen destination. In other words, they only have the most popular destinations, not the off beaten trail maps.

Despite the buzz-kill downside, OffMaps 2 for iPad is a must. It’s also available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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